Our First Aldi’s visit…

Here’s proof that I can rarely take a phoot without a child having to get involved…

She’s cute though, so I forgive her…

Ok…is it “awl -di’s” or “al-di’s”…still don’t know the answer to THAT, but we did find it, shop and return home, relatively unscathed…

We dropped Ellie off at ba – la – lay, as she likes to call it, and Ethan, RK and I headed to find Aldi’s.  We easily found it just off the main road near Ronnie Watkins Ford and Verizon.

First, I got everyone out, loaded in the stroller, shopping bags in the bottom, RK’s diaper bag plus Ethan’s diaper and off we went.  We march into the store to get a buggy with our quarter in hand…

Only to realize that all the buggies are kept outside…yeah, that would have been nice to know…I could not see them from the side of the store we parked on.  So…my gift to you…get your buggy outside before going inside.

About those buggies…really cool system. Certainly saves them having to pay young guys to collect buggies plus there are no roaming buggies in the parking lot to hit your car.  Smart folks, these people at Aldi’s. 

So we put our quarter into the little slot on the handle of the cart and its little chain let loose and off we went!

Pushing the stroller containing Ruby Kate and pulling the buggy containing Ethan, we make a quick run through the store to see what we could find.  Now if you are one of those who would like a cost breakdown of each item, compared to Wal-mart’s price, Winn-Dixie’s price…

…you’ve come to the wrong place…how much time do you think I have?  Not that much time, I can tell you.  No one really enjoys shopping with a baby and a toddler…trust me…even if they say they do…they don’t…they are lying.

Disclaimer:  I have the most beautiful, lovely children in the world and I LOVE spending time with them but I do not always enjoy the bonding experience known as grocery shopping…too many variables in my book….

So we managed to pick up 27 items for a cost of $37.59.  Here’s some things I learned:

  • they carry a few brands I recognized but most were brands I have never heard of
  • some things were significantly cheaper and some were actually more than the price I often pay for sale items at Winn Dixie or store brands
  • You may pay with cash or a debit card only
  • You either pay for their bags or take your own…we took our own…seems much harder to PAY for plastic bags outright…although that’s what we are doing at other stores…just hidden in their cost of items…you didn’t actually think those bags were FREE did you?
  • they seemed to have a good selection of frozen and refrigerated items although I did not look too closely because we weren’t headed home right away, so I didn’t want to purchase things I had to keep cold
  • they do have a small selection of fresh fruits and vegetables, but that’s because they only carry what’s in season…makes sense to me…the fresher, less genetically engineered the better…
  • the store was probably about the size of a CVS store…so if you are looking for a store that carries 25 brands of peanut butter, this is not the place for you…they carry two…crunchy, and smooth…in one brand…who says variety is the spice of life?
  • the prices were very large, easy to locate and read…no hunting for and trying to read one of those tiny labels
  • they have a DOUBLE GUARANTEE!  If you are not 100% satisfied with an item, not only will they replace the product, they will also refund your money!  What do we have to lose by trying, I say?

Now, could I honestly do ALL my grocery shopping here?

I don’t think so, there were some things regularly on my grocery list that I just did not see…could I have missed them…yes…it’s possible, but there’s no way they can have everything with such a small store.

On the plus side, it was clean, the employees were very nice and I was in and out in a jif!  Without ten aisles to browse, shopping went surprisingly fast.  I’m all about fast!

My best finds, by far, were:

  • my fresh, beautiful, whole pineapple for 99 cents (currently $2.99 at Winn Dixie)
  • and my canister of steel cuts oats for $1.79
  • my 6 Delmonte bananas for 89 cents

WooHoo…worth the trip to check it out in my book!

Dear Aldi’s,
     We’ll be back…next time I will park by the buggies…
Your friend,

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