Layla Grace…

Just saw where Layla Grace passed into eternity this morning.  Saw it posted somewhere…..”Layla Grace is gone”.  Reminds me of the texts I got when this sweet little girl went home to be with Jesus.  The texts just said “Megan is gone”. 

Seems so final, but I know it’s not.  I know that they will live out eternity in heaven and will both be reunited with their families one day.

Maybe I feel a special connection to her life because she is Ethan’s age…maybe it’s because her baby pictures here remind me of Ruby Kate.  I don’t know.  I have so enjoyed looking at those beautiful blue eyes and will continue to pray for her family and a cure for Neuroblastoma. 

What a sweetheart…I hope we all hug our children a little tighter…hold them a little longer…pray that their little lives have the impact for the Kingdom that Layla Grace’s has…

Until next time,

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