Bryan is home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OK…well technically, he’s been home…matter of fact…he never really went anywhere…

How is he home then, you ask?

O.C.S. is O.V.E.R.


Dear Bryan, I know you love to work OCS…thank you for your role in developing soldiers, I am very proud of all you do…but boy have we missed you!!!!

Glad you’ll be here when we wake up!  Glad you’ll be here when we go to sleep!  Glad you’ll be here to feed the dogs! Glad you’re just here.period.

In honor of Bryan’s first morning home after OCS graduation, we had Pioneer Woman’s French Breakfast Puffs . Ok, well not exactly…

I did not have enough shortening so I improvised and used another recipe I found on

They called theirs Sugar Coated Muffins and boy are they ever.  Messy for little ones but well worth it!

I actually thought I would save the leftovers for breakfast tomorrow but…yeah…they are gone…oops…

They were good while they lasted…

Until next time,

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