Mom Seriously Giveaway!!!

Mom Seriously, Rebecca Ingram Powell

Let me just be honest…I read…a lot…I just can’t help it!  Sometimes it’s actually a curse!  I have to be reading something all the time.  I have books scattered all around the house and always have several going at one time.

I blame my parents…there I said it.  It’s all their fault.  They are big readers.  I can remember as a child reading with a flashlight under my covers at night.  When I was caught doing that, I would wait until I thought my parents were asleep and then sneak into the bathroom and read by the night light.

You know when I DON’T read?  When I have a new baby!  You know how it is…no sleep…hanging on by a thread in those early weeks.  You know the time…when your friends have stopped bringing meals…when everyone else’s life goes back to normal but yours is turned upside down…

I received it as a gift when I was in the hospital after having Ethan.  What an awesome gift!  It meets you right where you are as a new mother.  It seems as though Rebecca knew each day what I needed to hear! It contains 42 daily devotions just for new moms.  Not a new mom?  This would make a wonderful gift for a mom whether expecting her first child or her fifth!

While we are talking about the fabulous Rebecca Ingram Powell, you’ll have a chance to meet her and hear her speak at our upcoming Mother Daughter Tea at FBC on April 17th.  I’m so excited!  My Grandma Ruby, my Mom, my sister and my niece will all join Ellie and I for the real tea party!  I am so looking forward to the message God has given Rebecca to share with us.

Rebecca has generously allowed me to give away not only a copy of Baby Boot Camp but a copy of her book Seasons of Change too!!!  
Seasons of Change is about parenting your middle schooler.  Lord help us, we are all going to need that if we don’t already! Not only does Rebecca share stories from her own experience of parenting, she gives practical tips to use everyday in parenting your own middle schooler.
So, how do I win, you ask?  It’s easy!  
  1. Leave a comment
  2. Follow Rebecca on Twitter
  3. Add Rebecca as a friend on Facebook
  4. Become a Follower on Rebecca’s blog
Be sure to come back to my blog and leave a comment for each one!  I’ll draw the winner on Thursday and the winner will receive BOTH of these awesome books! 
Don’t blame me for your reading habit though!
Until next time,

11 thoughts on “Mom Seriously Giveaway!!!

  1. Middle school advice? My heroine! I'm trudging along on this journey as a mom to a 13 year old boy & 10 year old drama queen.

    Added her on FB and am following her blog. I signed up for updates on yours, too.


  2. well, hello jenifer…this is jenifer- nice to meet ya!!! it's very rare that i find someone who spells their name with only one 'n'- very neato!!!

    love your blog- and those books sounds very interesting!!!

    stop by for a visit anytime…we love making new friends!!!

    blessings to you,


  3. Okie Dokie – I've followed her blog, followed her on Twitter, become a fan on facebook, AND I've posted comments on all four things on your blog. I think that's it!


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