God sent me……….a Boston Butt

Do you believe in coincidence?  Not me.  That’s the hand of God, my friend…AKA: coincidence to some.

I am ashamed to say that often I don’t give God the credit He deserves for the things He does in my life.  Definitely an area I am working on!  Trying to open my eyes…pay attention…give thanks…

A few recent examples…

Bryan and I really wanted to plan a Christmas party with our Sunday School class.  Well, as you can imagine, December is a crazy time so we decided to shoot for January.  We planned to take our class and their families to Classic on Noble.  Can I just say as a side note that I LOVE me some Classic on Noble?  Makes me hungry just thinking about it…anyway…

We made sure to save up and set aside money for lunch and set a date…not for January but for March…my how time flies!

So we get to church on the morning of our fabulously planned lunch and have no one in our Sunday School class…so as you can imagine, we were off to lunch with just our family.  Was I a little sad?  Yep.  But people sometimes have other plans,  so off we went.

We enjoyed a wonderful, delicious lunch.  Paid our bill and began to make our way to the parking lot.  Then here comes our waitress.  She apologizes for not catching us sooner but says the owner wanted to take care of our bill.  We thanked them of course but told them it was alright.  They insist and come out with a gift certificate for a family brunch!  God is good!

Coincidence?  Nope…just God’s plan…

(not MY boston butt, but I’m sure equally delicious)

Then yesterday, I was making dinner for a friend that recently had surgery.  Ellie asks what WE were having for dinner and to tell you the truth I hadn’t even thought about it!  Ha!  I figured I would take care of that when we got back home from taking our friend’s dinner.  Well, I finished up dinner, and reached for the phone to call and make sure it was a good time to deliver it.  Then the phone rang. it was my friend Marie.  She asks if we would like a boston butt!  What?!?  She bought two from a fundraiser and they were bigger than she expected.  So she thought of us and after we delivered dinner to our friend we went by Marie’s and picked up OUR dinner!  God is good!

Coincidence?  Nope….just God’s plan…

That leads me to today…I recently started trying to help others with their blog designs.  I wanted to do this free of charge but there is a cost involved to purchase the kits to design with.  I decided if free was free then I would just cover the cost of the design kits myself.  They are usually about $5 a piece.  With each kit I use, I get permission from the designer to use it on that particular blog.  On one recent blog design, I emailed the designer and she promptly replied back that I was welcome to use her design kit.

So I was surprised today to get an email from her.  She said that she didn’t remember whether or not she had replied to my email and she wanted to offer me a $10 coupon to use on her designs!  God is good!

Coincidence?  Nope…just God’s plan…

Until next time,

P.S.  Kristin Johnson, I did think of you as I was carrying on about these instances in my life…remind you of anything?

3 thoughts on “God sent me……….a Boston Butt

  1. Oh Jenifer…I love this post

    So often we overlook the “little” things in life a coincidence and tend to miss out on some really great blessings….thank you for reminding me of that =)

    oh and just as a side note, I love me some Classic on Noble too 😉


  2. Not sure what a “Boston butt” is but think I want some 🙂

    Saw your reason for blogging on the mclinky thing and had to drop in from Ireland to say “Hi”.

    I love all the “coincidences” which happen when we pray and are open to God and his directions.


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