What’s In a Name….

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I can remember sitting in the Barnes and Noble at the Summit, I think, and looking at a baby name book.  I remember calling names out to Bryan as he was reading something else and we were both of course sipping our fabulous coffee.  I know, as a woman, I had a constant dialog going on in my head about what I would name my children…from a very young age…

Men, I’m sure, never do this.  

But ladies you know what I mean right?

So I jotted down some names we loved and then had to wait to use those precious names for several years.  When God blessed us with our first pregnancy, we were already set with our names!  At least the pressure was off!

Our first born…

Eleanor Marie Parris

Dear Ellie, I just love your name!  It suits you to a T!  You are such an Eleanor…Eleanor means “light” and you are definitely the light of our lives.

Your great Aunt Inez is also named Eleanor but we didn’t know that at the time we chose your name.  She is a beautiful, Godly woman so now I am proud that you share her name.  

Want to know why we really named you Eleanor?  Because Mommy loved the name Ellie…you want to know why?  Because I was obsessed with watching “Dallas” reruns on TV.  I just loved the matriarch of that family, Mrs. Ellie.  Man, she had it all together, she was loyal, loved her family and was a strong woman! Just like you!

Your middle name is a family name.  It is my middle name, your great grandmother’s middle name and your great great grandmother’s middle name.  I hope that one day you choose it as well for your first born daughter.

Our prayer for you is that you grow up to be a shining light for our Savior.

Ethan Myles Parris

Dear Ethan, your name suits you so well.  Ethan means “strong”…

You are physically strong, emotionally strong-willed and are determined to get your way.  Myles means “soldier”.  What better name for your father’s son than “strong soldier” I ask you?  None!  

I loved that we spelled Myles with a “Y”…just like your Daddy’s name is with a Y.  Always pays to be different, says the Jenifer with one “N”!

You are convinced though that your name is Ethan Parris Myles because that’s what Ellie always called you when you were a baby.  One of these days you’ll get it straight.  But for now, we love that you say it backwards!

Our prayer for you is that grow up to be a strong man, strong husband and a strong soldier for the kingdom of God.

Ruby Kathryn Parris

Our sweet Ruby Kate…

Ruby means “red gemstone”….that one was kind of obvious, huh?  Ruby is after your great grandmother on my side of the family.

My Grandma Ruby is beautiful, funny and just an amazing woman.  You are shaping up to be much the same.  She leaves you a wonderful legacy.

Kathryn is a name that I have always loved.  It just sounds so classic and regal.  Kathryn means “pure”.

I love that you have a double name.  They are so popular in the South and fit us southern girls quite nicely.  Oh, the southern drawl of a double name…I love it!  One day when you’re all grown up and want to be known only as Ruby or Kathryn, I’ll try not to be sad…but you’ll always be my Ruby Kate!  Or Roo Roo Kate as your brother so lovingly calls you!

Ruby Kate, may you always know the purest sense of God’s love for you and may you always be on fire to share Jesus’ love with others.

Your Mommy,

One thought on “What’s In a Name….

  1. Jenifer,
    I loved this post…great pictures and sweet notes to your children. All of your children have wonderful names and there meanings are so fitting =)


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