I think I’m in love…..

I’ll be the first to admit that it has just been trial and error with Photoshop elements since Bryan bought it for me. I have tried my best to figure out how to use it to create digital elements and invitations. cards, etc.  I haven’t really done much with editing actual photos.

Now, I’ve seen what everyone ELSE does but have been to afraid to try myself.  Well this weekend I am determined!  Determined to figure out how to use an action on a photo that someone else created.

I found Coffeeshop Photography’s blog and I am LOVING the actions and tutorials she has there!  Awesome!  Especially the Vintage Honey that I used here.

Ok…here’s my first attempt.  Let me just say, before you point this out…

I realize there is laundry in the background.  Clean laundry, mind you, but laundry none the less.  That being said I love how this photo turned out.



I love it!  I know I still have a lot to learn but what could be better than a beautiful photo of my beautiful baby!
Until next time,

One thought on “I think I’m in love…..

  1. girl, I have photoshop and no clue how to use it…maybe we should get together and laugh at ourselves trying to use it =)

    You did very good with that picture!


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