Remembering a Hero….

Well tomorrow Jacksonville will lay to rest one of our own.  A son, brother, husband, father.  Captain Kyle Comfort.  I didn’t know him…don’t know any of his family.  But I feel as if I do.  Why I wonder?  I think Captain Comfort shared many of the same ideals we hold dear in our home.  A love of country, a love of family. 
Our family was honored to be able to stand along the way as CPT Comfort was brought back home to Jacksonville on Saturday.  How fitting that we were at the Fort celebrating Armed Forces Day as he came through.  
What a moving sight to see soldiers in uniform lining the roadside.  A hero’s welcome.  He was surrounded by community as he returned home.  I pray that his family feels the love and support of that same community tomorrow as they lay him to rest.  I am so thankful to live in a small town.  Life is different here.  We take care of our own.  We’ll line the streets tomorrow…surround the church…block out the world and pay tribute to our fallen hero.  Let the hate-mongers say what they will…we know what CPT Comfort was fighting for…
…and we are grateful.
Thank you Kyle Comfort.  May you rest in peace.
Until next time,

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