What?  You don’t believe me?  You think that just because he’s messy means he can’t be OCD?  I beg to differ…

Exhibit A…
Ethan got new sheets for his new big boy bed yesterday.  We just bought the sheets….not the comforter pictured above.  The insert on the sheet set, of course, shows the comforter as well.  Ethan insisted on keeping the picture.  
At bedtime last night, he snuggled into his new sheet set and I covered him up with a plain, white thermal blanket.
This morning he takes said white blanket, wads it up, throws it in the hallway and declares “I don’t like it!”
Why you ask?
He brings me the insert from the sheets, points to the above picture and says “It don’t look like THIS!”
Do you believe me now?
Until next time,

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