How’s Your Prayer Life…..

Yikes!!!  That’s a question we don’t 
want someone to ask us, right?
I always think my prayer life should look just like someone else’s, wonder why it doesn’t and then am disappointed in myself when I  perceive that I’ve failed.  
Well, you know what?  As long as I’m right with Scripture in my prayer life…it doesn’t matter what or who I compare it to.  My relationship with God through prayer is mine…and HIS of course!  God doesn’t compare me to others…He wants to talk to me…all the time…about everything.
Well, He already knows, right?  Why should we bother telling Him?
Well, just like when you see your son score a game-winning touchdown…you saw it with your own eyes, you heard the crowd cheer as the crossed into the end zone…
But isn’t it just the BEST when you sit down over the kitchen table after the game…warming them up a second supper for the day and THEY tell you all about that touchdown?  What it felt like…what they heard…what they saw…
God wants the same from us.  He wants to hear about the “touchdowns”, and the pains…and the frustrations…and the joys…He wants to hear it straight from us!
I ran across these great prayer calendars for mothers and wives.  Be sure to check out Inspired To Action for other great resources.
I know God loves when we pray Scripture over our family…we are speaking His language!
Isaiah 56:7 “…for my house will be called a house of prayer…”
Until next time,

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