Sick and Tired….

You ever just have this feeling that things aren’t quite right?  That you’re sick and tired of something but you just don’t know what?  I’ve had that feeling for a while now.

Can’t really explain it…can’t put my finger on it…can’t quite wrap my mind around it….

I’m tired…tired of those that play church, myself included.  Tired of being comfortable.  Tired of my comfortable church pews, the nice air-conditioned building.  Tired of worrying about turnout, budgets, who’s painting what class which color.  Tired of being bothered when the worship service doesn’t exactly fit my forte.  Tired of stressing over Bible study attendance, wondering if anyone will come to an event I’ve helped plan.  Tired of putting on a happy face for all the church people.  When inside I am sick.

Sick that while we fuss and argue over “church” stuff, people are dying and going to hell.  People who will never set foot in our nice air conditioned building.  People who aren’t concerned with our budget.  People who wouldn’t know where to begin to find Amos in the Bible.

What am I doing in my everyday life to reach those people?  You know…the ones who are headed to hell…yeah, those people.

In my life I have been more worried with the people within the four walls of our church.  The people that already know Jesus.  Yeah, of course we all need discipleship, we all need to grow in our walk with the Lord and the “church” helps us do that but boy do we get lost in that building.  It becomes all that matters to us.  It becomes the CHURCH instead of us being the church.

I love my Christian friends, I wouldn’t trade them for anything.  Their fellowship, their encouragement, their friendship.  It’s priceless to me.  But you know what?  They know Jesus….what about those people that I’ve never met, who don’t know Jesus?  How will I introduce them to Him if I spend all my time holed up at church?

I don’t know what the answer is.  Maybe that’s why I’m sick.  Because I don’t yet have clear direction.  I’m waiting on God for that.

God really began to work on my heart earlier this year as I read “Crazy Love” by Francis Chan.  You can not read it and ever be the same.

What is God calling me to do?  I don’t know.  Wish I knew right now.  But I am waiting… and getting ready… God has something planned for me…. and I can’t wait to see what it is.

God, I’m ready….

Until next time,

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