Comment or Not to Comment…….

Guilty as charged….I am a blog comment slacker….

I LOVE to get comments so why don’t I leave them?  I have no clue.  I guess because it takes time?  I only have a few minutes each day to blog hop so I hop on and off quickly.  I know…not a good excuse, right?

Well, I happened to hop over to Jenna’s Journey today and she was challenging everyone to be better about commenting.  So here is my solemn vow:  I promise to actually leave comments on at LEAST 10 of the blogs I visit this week.  Just to let you know I was there…that I actually read your post, laughed at your joke, enjoyed the pics of your cute little ones……..

And while I’m at it….many thanks to my friend Jessica…who frequently comments on my blog…girl, I love ya’!  You and I might be the only ones that read this here blog!

Until next time,

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