To Eat or Not to Eat….

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I have survived day 1 of Weight Watchers and I have not chewed off my own arm so that must be a good sign. Alas, I am beginning the weight loss journey again…

Seems like every time I get really motivated by the low number of clothing items that fit me, I get pregnant and am allowed to eat to the fullest. When I looked back at all my Weight Watchers materials the last date that I weighed in was October of 2008. Then in December we found out we were pregnant with Ethan. There went that diet….

I have a wonderful friend who has begun her weight loss journey as well and has lost 16 pounds!!!!!  I am inspired by you dear friend!  I know I can do it too.  If I’ll just DO it! The good thing is we eat pretty healthy around here…not a lot to change in that area.  For me it’s portions, portions, portions…..YIKES!  Who wants one helping of garlic mashed potatoes when you can have three!

So in an effort of full disclosure I plan to update every Wednesday on my progress.  If I don’t…then send me a swift kick in the pants…

Here’s the lowdown…if these numbers were to shock you…please don’t share…I might cry…

Current weight: 201.5 (Lord have mercy!)
Ultimate weight goal: 160
First weight loss goal: 20 pounds by October 6th

…which by the way is Ellie’s birthday.  I feel the need to celebrate with birthday cake coming on…

Off to count my points!

Until next time,

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