You Know you’re the 3rd Child…

God love Ruby Kate…
She just goes with the flow.  I love that about her, not high strung, just lovable.  Doesn’t notice yet that she is the third child and her mommy is tired…

Is more patient than my other two ever THOUGHT about being…
Waits while mommy prepares food for the others while quietly nibbling on Cheerios and avocado.
Doesn’t seem to notice that while her mommy….

  • color coordinated her sister’s bib with each outfit
  • at least made sure her brother’s bibs were blue or at least gender neutral
  • mommy reached for the nearest dish towel for her bib

Oh, yeah….and a clothespin….

Not to mention, the red and gray “Cars” cup…

Like I said, God love her…
Until next time,

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