Ethan’s HUGE on Twitter….

Ok…maybe he’s only huge to me but when I saw this printed on a t-shirt, I knew he had to have it….


Missed Ethan on Twitter?  Here’s  a recap…..

Did someone slip Ethan a “stay awake” pill and not tell me? 1:25 PM Sep 30th

Woke this morning to find Ethan asleep on the couch with his trains, Cranky the crane,oh yeah AND my external hard drive. 8:14 AM Sep 29th

Got Ethan new diapers made by #EarthsBest. When he saw them he said “Look, rice cereal diapers!” 5:03 PM Sep 28th

Power is out at our house, much to Ethan’s dismay. He looks out the window and says “Power’s on out THERE!” #thankyouGodforthesun 9:33 AM Sep 21st

Ellie just said the pledge. Ethan said, “What about God loved us and sent His Son?” Uh, yeah…Ethan that’s from the Bible…. 5:41 PM Sep 10th

Ethan is playing and singing to himself, “A-W-A-N-A, I wanna live my life God’s way!” ~Man how I love having my kids in #Awana ! 9:44 AM Aug 17th

Dogs barking. Ethan says ” I wonder who dat is, I fhank we need some pizza, I’m hungry. “. Rest assured little man it is not Papa John’s. 7:38 AM Aug 17th

Two year old boys can NOT tip – toe quietly……….. 7:11 AM Aug 16th

Ethan said while snuggling with me this morning ” HOLD ME! I don’t have no more mommas!!!!”. 6:57 AM Aug 16th

Ethan just said it was too hot to pick up toys! 5:37 PM Aug 12th

Toy trucks with trailers that attach to the back that can not POSSIBLY be put together by a 2 year old are going to be the death of me. 8:43 AM Aug 9th

Reading “Beezus and Ramona” to Ellie and Ethan is like reading to Ellie and Ramona…. 10:09 AM Jul 29th

Ethan found a favorite toy today that had been lots for MONTHS! Promptly lost it again after about 30 minutes and is devastated…..again. 4:33 PM Jul 16th

Ethan is singing “weegeewongha, weegeewongha, de amaging chongateer” – can you name that tune? 8:17 PM Jul 6th

Asked Ethan what his favorite thing on his plate was (after cooking large 4th spread). His answer? Tea. Uh……..thanks. 6:23 PM Jul 4th

Ethan came in carrying the tortilla chips he was eating for b’fast. After a strange look from Mommy he said “they have CORN in them”!!!! 8:17 AM Jul 4th

Ethan said “Can I hide while you change my diaper?” I said “How’s that supposed to work?” He said “Good!” 7:20 AM Jun 29th via UberTwitter

Holding Ethan and RK. He says “We have little noses and you have a big nose”- Ummmmm, thanks Ethan…. 8:26 PM Jun 17th

Ethan discussing how old each of us is. Determines Bryan is oldest. Says “Dats ok Mommy, you da biggest!”. Yeah, thanks Ethan………… 10:37 AM Jun 2nd

Ellie pinched Ethan HARD on the cheek; asked why she did that. She said Ethan licked her leg. Asked why he did that. He said “I’m a dog.” 4:19 PM Jun 1st

Asked Ethan what kind of bagel he wanted for breakfast, plain or cinnamon raisin. He said “Plain, it’s my favorite color.” 8:53 AM May 31st via UberTwitter

Ethan playing w/Bryan’s #StarWars figure. He said “R2 Doo Doo hit me in the head!”…..the nerve of some toys! 8:45 PM May 30th

Headed to a night on the town. I asked Ethan where he wanted to go. He said, “Awana”. That boy knows what he likes! 5:23 PM May 28th

E wants mmallows 4 bfast.Since I won’t let him have it, he crosses arms, makes mean face says “Well, then I don’t want no breakthast”. 7:06 AM May 21st

Ethan has ankle weights on his wrists. When ask why, he said “So I can tell what time it is. ” Well, there you have it…. 8:24 AM May 20th

Ethan has ankle weights on his wrists. When ask why, he said “So I can tell what time it is. ” Well, there you have it…. 8:24 AM May 20th

Ethan is using his oomi goggles to look for “betch-ta-buls”….AKA vegetables. 11:43 AM May 13th

In conversation I called Ethan “baby”. He said, “I’m not a baby. ” I asked what he was…he said “I’m a bus”. Well, that settles it then. 9:10 PM May 1st

Ethan asked me if I could turn the music on. I told him maybe in a minute. He said “Yes or no, Mommy”. 4:15 PM Apr 26th

Driving through a wooded area. Ethan says “these trees are boys.” Of course they are……. 12:36 PM Mar 26th

Ethan says “A balloon is a efanant and a penguin is a pig.” Oh the wisdom….. 10:05 PM Mar 24th

Ellie asked Ethan what his favorite animal was. His answer?……Oranges. 1:58 PM Mar 21st

LOVE that when Buzz Lightyear asks “have you ever thought about being in the space ranger corp?” Ethan answers “Yeah……” 8:24 AM Mar 5th

I love that my little man says “fweet tea” instead of sweet tea……. 3:32 PM Mar 4th

Ethan wants his carseat moved 2 the back. I told him to ask Daddy to move it. He said “Can you pretend to be Daddy?” 4:26 PM Feb 22nd

Until next time,


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