A Year Without Wal-Mart………..

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I can’t believe we did it!  A year with no Wal-Mart!  Last year on October 12th, was our last visit to Wal-Mart.  Bryan had stopped by to pick up a few things we needed, spent a fortune of course for just a few things…..somehow at Wal-Mart you always end up with more in your cart than you intended.

Why no Wal-Mart you ask?

Well, a year ago I watched a documentary film called “Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price”.  The film really irritated me concerning some of Wal-Mart’s business practices…how they treat their employees, how they treat their vendors…how local businesses suffer when Wal-Mart comes to town.  They are so BIG that we are forced to just deal with the way they treat everyone.  Wal-Mart has become just an American way of life.  Everyone of us thinks we can’t live without Wal-Mart so we are just at their mercy.

Don’t get me wrong, I would agree that they almost always have the lowest prices, stay open 24 hours for our convenience, offer everything all in one place….

But at what cost do you think those things come?

To be honest, it wasn’t something I had ever really thought about.  What price do Wal-Mart employees, local small businesses and other companies pay for my “low-price”?

Someone pays the price…….

Do I really think that our not shopping at Wal-Mart will have an impact on them?  No, they don’t even notice on their P and L that the Parris family hasn’t been by lately.  But what if more families felt like we did?  Could we make an impact then?

As I watched the documentary, something Rev. Altagracia Perez said made me really stop and think.  I don’t remember word for word what she said but the impression I was left with was how could I as a Christian, know about Wal-Mart’s practices and still continue to shop there?  I decided right then and there that I couldn’t.

Bryan came home from his last Wal-Mart trip and we talked about how things in our life would change by changing our shopping habits.  Would it be hard?  Yes, at first…Wal-Mart is such a habit.  But you know what?

We did it and so can you………

Coming soon:  How we do it….a life without Wal-Mart

Until next time,

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