Off to the pumpkin patch…..

Today we headed to Oxford to check out the new pumpkin patch with our new playgroup.  The kids loved it!  I could have put in an order for cooler weather but all in all it was a great day!
I must say that trying to take a picture of my three together is like trying to nail earthworms to a two by four…it ain’t happening!  Here’s the closest I got!

My sweet Ruby Kate….our visit was during her normal naptime, so she spent the morning in a sleepy haze…

Here’s my six year old with her newly found teenager face…aggravated at her brother….

…..who kept walking in front of her pictures….

He really is a sweetheart, even if he is a rascal 99% of the time!

Couldn’t you just kiss this sweet little face?

Ellie was so glad that she had someone her age finally at playgroup!  Tyler Grace was out of school and got to go with us!

Ellie and Ethan loved “riding” the bull…we need daddy to make us one!

The  “pumpkin express” was also a big hit.  Ellie did want to know why I didn’t ride… ‘bout I didn’t want to get my big ole hinney stuck…or worse….slow down the train!

Ethan was so proud of his pumpkin.  He went into the field, chose it himself and of course Mommy had to “harvest” it. Who knew that the stem on fresh pumpkins were so prickly!  OUCH!  Next time we’re taking Daddy and his KNIFE!

Here’s my final attempt at taking a picture of Ellie and Ethan…yeah…thanks Ethan for your cooperation….  =)

Until next time,


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