EB Awareness Week

 Let me just say that I enjoy reading the blogs of other moms like myself.  I learn new ways to do things, gain encouragement, strengthen my faith and “meet” lots of moms that I would SO be friends with if I knew them in real life.

Some of the moms I have “met” have really touched my heart.  They have extraordinary circumstances surrounding their life and the lives of their children.  It is an honor to join other moms across the nation, even the world, in praying for these families.

The first little one I ran across was baby Jonah.  His parents have a life I can not even imagine.  Their little boy suffers from a terrible disease that I had never even heard of before reading their blog.  Jonah has EB (Epidermolysis Bullosa).  Jonah’s mom, Patrice, shares openly and honestly about the joys and struggles of life with Jonah’s EB.

After never having heard of EB, I was surprised at how quickly I ran across other families with a child suffering from this same horrible disease. There was Payton, who actual lives just a few minutes away from me right here in Alabama!  And I think the most precious little boy ever, whose life I follow is Tripp.  Ooohhh, he reminds me so much of Ethan when he was little, pudgy little cheeks, round little head….I could just eat him up!

Tripp’s mom, Courtney, is such an inspiration to me.  I am so quick to whine and complain about things I have to do as a mom sometimes and then I read of her daily struggles and am so convicted.  My children are healthy and yet I stress when we have a stomach virus or the common cold.

This week was EB Awareness Week.  I wanted to share about these families with you so you could come alongside me in praying for them.  Pray for good health for their little ones,  no infections and quick healing.  Pray as well for these parents and caregivers…for patience, for rest and for wisdom in making the hard decisions that they must make everyday. Ultimately lets pray for a cure!!!!!

Want to learn a little more about EB?  Take a look below at “Garrett: The Boy Beneath the Bandages”

If you are a subscriber, click here for video….

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