Ready for Christmas?

Yikes! Christmas is right around the corner!!!  I am SOOOOO not ready!  I have a general idea of what I need to do, things I need to buy but have yet to really start.  Last year, I did most of my shopping online and it was fabulous!  Internet, here I come!

One thing that has made Christmas really simple for us the last few years is that we purchase the kids only 3 gifts.  Just like baby Jesus got.  In our case we do:

  1. one educational gift
  2. something they want
  3. something they need (usually a clothing item)

There are always dozens of things we want to buy for them but this helps us focus on our favorite things and keep the real focus on our Savior’s birth.

All year long, as I run across things I think the kids would love, I just bookmark them and then now is the time of year I sit down, open up all those windows and decide what makes the cut!

Here are some favorites:
I LOVE this “My First Christmas Onesie” but I don’t have anyone in my house having their first Christmas!  Would make a great gift though!  Especially at only $6………!

I am so in love with these hairpins!  
How precious would they be in Ellie’s hair?  
Somebody in my house just might find these in her stocking this year!

Oooohhhhhh, or THESE!!  I can’t decide!  Too cute!

Then of course, these are cute too!  
Ack, I’ve bookmarked too many cute things!  
Her stocking may be overflowing!

Now, little man would look adorable in this hat!  
It just might make it onto his Christmas list!
Or maybe this one…..

I bought this tutorial with great plans to make one for myself and 
several for gifts…, yeah, maybe not this year…..
but I love it none the less!  I WILL make this!!!

Ok….I saved the best for last!  
Last year we got some of these wooden animals 
for Ethan for Christmas.  
 I loved that they were simple, non-commercial, 
didn’t need batteries and Ethan LOVES them….
You know who else loves them?  
You guessed it, Ruby Kate!
She can count on some of these making their 
way under the tree for her this year!
Maybe the alligator perhaps…..
Or my favorite the cuddly sheep….
I love that these toys are made by a Dad that longed to get back to simpler toys with his kids too.  As we have slowly cut back on the toys we buy the kids, we have seen a real difference in how they play.  Ellie and Ethan would rather make a tent and play make believe than play with all their cool, expensive gadgets.  
Is this momma learning a lesson?  Yep!  
Having the latest, coolest, most expensive toy….not all it’s cracked up to be.  
Back to basics….join us!  
I bet your little one would love a few of these animals for Christmas!
Off to work on my Christmas list…right after my Thanksgiving grocery shopping list!
Until next time,

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