You Never Know….

….you know how when you wake up in the morning to a normal day you have no idea that a simple phone call can change things so drastically.  I started off this morning fixing breakfast for my little family…planning to do laundry, maybe take down a few Christmas decorations and then I answered the phone….

On the other end was my dear friend Shannon.  She woke up this morning to find that her sweet husband Eric had gone to be with the Lord.  Didn’t see that one coming….

I can’t even begin to wrap my mind around the fact that God took Eric…a young father and husband that had just turned 30 years old.  I don’t know how it looks on your end, but thirty is a spring chicken to me.  I just still can’t believe it.  Shannon had looked so long to find who God had chosen for her…life was good for them.  Work was good, life with their two year old Ava was good…they wanted to grow their family.  They were just living life…and then in an instant God took him home.

Makes me wonder what would happen if that were Bryan and I.  It could happen anytime.  It could happen before we lay our heads on our pillow tonight.  God has set aside a time for us.  What am I doing between now and then to make a difference in His Kingdom?  Sometimes I feel as if I love my life only for what I can see right here in front of me.  I live this life like it’s all there is.  I know that’s not true…that there’s so much more…but do I show it with my life?

Eric did.  He loved his life, loved his family but also loved his Savior.  He knew exactly where he was going when his time came and was not afraid.  Do I worry more about what I would miss once God takes me home?  I have often found myself hoping that I see all of my children grow up, get married and bless me with grandchildren.  Do I desire that more than I desire an eternity with my precious Savior?  Some days….yes.  I think of all the things I would miss by going home to heaven before I am ready.  Good thing God doesn’t leave that up to me.

God, help me to have a heavenward focus…to not let the things of this world be more important to me than an eternity spent with you.  Help me to live everyday as if I could meet you at any time.  Help me be bold in sharing my faith, just as my friend Eric was.  Help me to not assume I’ll have another chance to share the Gospel with a friend or a stranger.  Help me to make the most of each opportunity you give me.

God wrap your arms around my dear friend Shannon.  Make your peace feel real to her.  God give her wisdom as she makes decisions in the coming days and give her the words to say to sweet Ava when the time comes. 

God help me as Shannon’s friend to know the words to say and to not say. Help me to share Godly counsel with my friend and to be the friend she needs.  I Love You.  Amen.

Until next time,

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