2011 DIY Projects

I always have all these great plans to work on all these DIY projects.  Some craft related, some cooking, some organization.  I save them into a nice little favorites folder and then never go back to them…like ever…
I hope to change that this year!  I opened up every singe project I had bookmarked and chose my favorite ones to accomplish this year.
Here goes nothing….
Ok….not to start off on the wrong foot but I am going to try to squeeze two projects into January.  First, the “Elsie Dress”…so excited to be getting together with some other sewing mommas very soon to work on this!

elsie pic Photo credit Sew Sweet Patterns

Next up is this too cute t-shirt!  Hoping to get together with those same sewing mommas and make this as well.
flower tee

I found this on Marie – Madeline Studio’s blog and fell in love!  I think I’ll do one first for Ellie.
Ever since I got my Kindle, I thought I wanted a cover to keep it safe.  After using it for a while I have decided that I like to hold it just by itself while I read so I’d rather have a case to just keep it in while I’m not using it.
I found this great tutorial over at Junie Moon!  Now I just have to choose my fabric!

kindle cover Photo credit Junie Moon

I have seen several of these cute camera straps on different blogs and Etsy shops and I thought they might be easy to make.  I found an easy tutorial on KevinandAmanda.com.
Can’t wait to make this one for my camera!

ruffled-camera-strap-tutorial-24 Photo credit KevinandAmanda.com

Ever thought about using cloth napkins?  I do all the time but just haven’t gotten around to making them.  I have lots of extra fabric and even some older dress shirts that would be great to use! 

napkin14 Photo credit Skip To My Lou

So excited to use this tutorial and save some trees while I’m at it!
I have wanted an easy pattern for a baby blanket that I could make and give as gifts…even make them for my own little ones.

Photo credit Handmade Mommy 

I love this one that I found at Handmade Mommy. Can’t wait to choose some cutesy baby fabric for this project!
Who doesn’t need a cute comfortable skirt for summer?  This one is on my list!  Check out this easy tutorial at Cluck Cluck Sew.

skirt  Photo credit Cluck Cluck Sew

Trying to get a jump on the holidays, I plan to make this table runner in Christmas fabrics.  I wanted to make myself one but never got around to it this year. 

table runner Photo credit Diary of a Quilter

If all goes well, maybe I’ll even make a spring one just like this!  I love those fabrics!  Check out the tutorial here.
Can’t wait to make some strawberry jam!  I saw Money Saving Mom’s post about learning to make it this year as well.  The freezer jam recipe she linked to looked right up my alley!
Check out the tutorial here at Pinch My Salt. (After some good advice from GREAT friends, thanks Mrs. Suzi and Megan…I’ll be moving this one to April!)  =)

jam Photo credit Pinch My Salt

I am so excited about this month’s project from Chica and Jo!  I absolutely fell in love with this wreath when I ran across it and knew my little ones would love it.

googly_eye_wreath_01-500x333 Photo credit Chica and Jo
Thinking I might make some bread as gifts for the holidays in 2011.  I’ll try out this recipe in October and see what I think. 
orange poppy seed bread Photo credit Make It Do

I saw this really neat idea on Make It Do as well and thought this would be great for my little ones!  What a great way to encourage them to be kind to each other and who doesn’t love to decorate the tree?  Take a look at these ornaments here.

heart ornaments Photo credit Make It Do

Don’t you just love the Pioneer Woman?  I have been meaning to make her Cinnamon Rolls and just haven’t gotten around to it.  And since January is probably not the best time of year to be indulging in extra calories….hence the move of this DIY project to December!

cinnamon rolls Photo credit Pioneer Woman

Check out the recipe here.  If any extra pounds are gained in the making of these rolls…don’t blame me!  =)
Until next time,

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