I Stink at Homeschooling….

I’ve decided that after 5 months of homeschooling, I stink….

Should I quit?  Not on your life!  I am loving it!  And so is Ellie! 

DSC_0227 2

What I stink at is trying to make our home school look just like our local public school.  I guess that’s all I’ve ever known…public education. 

I knew from the start that we would not function just like a regular school environment but there was still a part of me that sees a flashing FAILURE sign when my homeschooling day doesn’t go exactly as I imagined it should.

DSC_0224 2

The last few weeks I’ve really been taking a hard look at what we’ve learned not only this year but in the previous 5 years PRIOR to official kindergarten. 

I am beginning to embrace the fact that we are constantly in a school environment in our everyday lives.  It’s not always a “sit-down-at-the-desk” kind of day.  Sometimes it’s helping mommy cook and talking about measurements…sometimes it’s reading at random times during the day…sometimes it’s helping mommy sort and organize.

DSC_0223 2

Homeschooling is not something that we do only Monday through Friday, September through May….

It’s something that we do all day, everyday…it’s the way we raise our little ones….we don’t know any different. 

DSC_0225 2

I’ll definitely have to buckle down for first grade though…our kindergarten curriculum is a breeze for Ellie…there are days we do several days in one day and then there are days that we just play and do no organized school.  First grade officially starts the beginning of having to count attendance….

I have learned a few things that hinder us from “doing school” some days.

1) Scheduling appointments first thing in the morning messes up our entire day….from now on, we’ll schedule appointments after nap if at all possible.

2) Not going to bed prepared…when I wake up to dirty dishes in the sink, and laundry piles everywhere….I end up so busy with housework that school can take a back burner.

3)  Poor school planning on my part…if I have taken the time to get our weekly school things in order then it is easy to get started every morning.  If I have not taken the time to get organized then it’s near impossible to get started quickly….then it just gets put off.

I love teaching Ellie….she is reading and sounding out every word she sees.  I am so grateful that I have the opportunity to teach her to read!!!!  Wow!  It is amazing!

And I love what God is teaching me!   Patience, which is not one of my strengths…perseverance to get the job at hand done…and the confirmation that homeschooling is the right choice for our little family.

Last but not least…this sweet little girl, hinders quite a few productive homeschooling mornings….

DSC_0221 2 DSC_0214 2 DSC_0215  DSC_0219 2 DSC_0220 2 DSC_0218 2

Until next time,


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