Made To Crave……

Ready for another “I S-W-E-A-R by this diet” kind of diet?

Yeah…me neither…

They ALL claim to work, and lots do…for a TIME….

Then we go back to our old habits and the weight comes right back.

What if we decided that actually the act of CRAVING itself wasn’t a bad thing….

What if we realized that God created us to crave…WHAT we crave is the problem.  Instead of craving God, we crave food.  Searching for it to satisfy our craving like only God can do.

Enter “Made To Crave” by Lysa TerKeurst……


Lysa wrote the book Made to Crave from the perspective of a woman who has never craved a carrot stick in her whole life. Having struggled with her weight her whole adult life, Lysa knows what it feels like to be in the vicious cycle of gaining and losing, but never feeling at peace in her struggle. Everything changed when Lysa decided to have her deepest desire met by God not food. Now, armed with the spiritual motivation she gained in her own journey, she is inspiring others to find lasting victory.

made to crave

I knew after the first page that this book was just what I had been looking for.

A typical book on healthy lifestyle choices should contain lots of talk on vegetables, calories, colon cleanses, and phrases like “you must,” “you should,” “or else.”

I have a problem with all of that talk.  I know most of it.  It’s not the “how to” I’m missing.  It’s the “want to”…really wanting to make changes and deciding that the results of those changes are worth the sacrifice.

Yep….that’s me….I know all the right answers, know WHAT to do to lose weight and get healthy but don’t have the “want to” to actually do it…

How about let’s change that together…me and you…you and I…(never can remember which is right)…

Starting March 22nd, let’s start the journey to “satisfying our deepest desire with God, not food.”
In this six week study, you’ll:

  • Break the “I’ll start again Monday cycle” and start feeling good about yourself today
  • Stop beating yourself up over the numbers on the scale and make peace with the body you’ve been given
  • Discover how weight loss struggles aren’t a curse but, rather a blessing in the making
  • Replace justifications that lead to diet failure with empowering go-to scripts that lead to victory
  • Eat healthy without feeling deprived
  • Reach a healthy weight goal while growing closer to God through the process

You’ll need to have:

  1. Your Bible
  2. “Made To Crave” either in trade paper or on your e-reader
  3. “Made To Crave” Participant Guide

We’ll meet each Tuesday night from 8pm to 9pm at Java Jolt on the Square.

Until then be sure to check out Lysa’s blog at , the “Made To Crave” website, and you’ll definitely want to download her “Craving God: A 21-Day Devotional Challenge”.  It’s FREE for download right now on Amazon!

Be sure to let me know on my blog that you’re planning to come so I can save you a seat!

Check out the video trailer HERE.

Until next time,

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