Wonderful Weekend…..

Well…I sure am enjoying this 3 day weekend…nothing better than being surrounded by my family with a light schedule!

Saturday we enjoyed David having friends over and got several things marked off our to-do list! We even were sure to get lots of outside time with this gorgeous weather!!! Loving it!

Ellie of course, insisted on dressing as if it were still cold weather….




Ethan enjoyed playing on our playset and was not ready to come inside!!




Ruby Kate had to warm up to the idea of being outside so she enjoyed riding on the tractor with her Daddy….




Then she was DETERMINED to get on the tractor HERSELF…about scared me half to death!   Glad it wasn’t cranked!




Who would Ruby Kate be if she wasn’t shouting “UP! UP!” to David…

She’s trying to politely get him to pick her up….




And eventually, as always…she gets her way!




I spent some of my time playing with my camera and having the MOST uncooperative subjects…I eventually gave up…thanks Ethan…




Many thanks to David and Jacob…oh and Daddy for putting together our other playset (finally)….where is Daddy by the way?  Probably supervising!




Oh, and Jacob found us some sort of newt, salamander thingy….





Glad to have this boy back….praising the Lord for restoring families!



Until next time,


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