Life Interrupted…Part 1


Amazed at how God continues to speak to me through the counsel of Godly women….

I don’t know why I am amazed…God can do anything….maybe I just don’t give Him enough credit.

This weekend was the Priscilla Shirer “Life Interrupted” simulcast.  If you couldn’t make it, boy did you miss a blessing…

I loved that at the beginning of this simulcast, she had an extended prayer time for those in the audience.  Not a time where SHE prayed but a time where WE prayed and spent time with God privately.  For a busy momma that was such a blessing.  She suggested among other things, that we pray about God’s plan for us for the weekend, confess any unconfessed sin….

One of the sins I felt most convicted to confess was one of the topics she touched on again and again during our time together.  God you are so good! He knew I needed to hear that message!

I’ll share in two posts about what God taught me during this weekend and the first thing I want to capture, even if just for myself, is the way God pulls things together in my life…just when I need to hear it.

A couple of years ago, I bought a Bible study that I felt drawn to dive into.  I thought at first that I would try to lead it at our church but God never confirmed that for me.  But the sense that God was calling me to pursue it never waivered.

I have put it on the back burner over and over again because I just felt like I didn’t have the time to dedicate to it.  Now, I have done many Bible studies during that time but this one never made it to my to do list.

Then in December, I went to Deeper Still in Birmingham and heard Priscilla Shirer bring a powerful message from the Lord just for me.  She talked about our quiver full of arrows that we call on to do things for the Lord.  Often time we feel as if we need a quiver full of arrows to accomplish what God has called us to do.  We neglect to just lay down the arrows we DO HAVE at the feet of God and depend on Him to supply the rest.

She asked us what was something that we weren’t doing that God had called us to do…maybe something we didn’t think we had the resources to do, maybe something that we thought we didn’t have the time for?

Immediately this Bible study came to mind.  I left with a determination that weekend to get started on that study!!!  I even felt led to ask someone to partner with me and we could do it together.  I called a friend the next week and asked her to take a look at it and to consider taking that journey with me.  Then the holidays happened, tragedy struck her family and I never mentioned it to her again. 

Back to the back burner…


Why is it so hard for me to do what God calls me to do?

Then came this weekend.  Priscilla starts to share about a plan for us to use to be able to really study God’s Word.  She starts to talk and asks us to turn to a certain page in our booklet and as soon as I see the outline, I know….

This is the same outline from her Bible study book that I have been delaying…over and over….

Then she proceeds to hold up the actual book….


can we talk



Got it God…

I’m starting this study…

Until next time,


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