David’s Blessing

I can’t believe that we are only days away from David’s graduation….

Seems like I just met that sweet little boy of 4 years old….

We’ve had a crazy ride in this time that I’ve known him but I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

I don’t just love him like my own….I consider him my own.  What a blessing he has been in my life, even on the days that I wanted to snatch a knot in his head….

Years ago, I did several book studies at church in a series of books called Heritage Builders.  Great books for parents!  One of the books was called Spiritual Milestones by Jim and Janet Weidmann.  It was full of suggestions on ways to celebrate the spiritual milestones in the lives of your children starting with their salvation.  By the time we read the book, we had already missed many of the specific milestones with David and Will.

But fortunately we had not hit graduation yet!  The book actually suggests doing a blessing ceremony around age 15, I think but we thought it would be a great fit for graduation and David’s 18th birthday.

We planned a lunch for after church and asked five men to come and pray a blessing over 6 different areas in David’s life.

Jim Roberts – David and the world
Lamar Pettit – David and family life
Jay Monroe – David and ministry
Jason Borders – David and relationships
Bryan – David and marriage
Dr. Derek Staples – David and his God
It was such a special time in the life of our family.  It was such an honor to have these godly men pray over our sweet boy.  We are eternally grateful to them for speaking a blessing over David and for their continued prayers over his life.
Each gave David their blessing in print and I am excited about putting them in David’s scrapbook for him to be able to cherish.  
I am so thankful for God’s promises in His Word.  Thankful that we can claim them for our children and ourselves.  
God is good!
Until next time,

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