Pinterest…yes, it’s addictive….

Ok…the truth is, I have lots of crafty friends….

Some of you are not so crafty but I won’t name any names….

But whether you are crafty or not you are going to LOVE Pinterest!!

It’s fairly new and it’s like having bulletin boards of all your favorites things, ideas, dreams, etc. online for your viewing pleasure….AND you can share it with friends….AND you can check out other people’s boards that share the same interests as you….AND it’s as easy as “pinning” websites and “repinning” other people’s pins that you like!

When I decided to switch to a Mac, I was concerned about all the sites that I had marked as “favorites” on my old computer.  Then I found Pinterest!!  WooHoo!!!  I just opened all those sites, “pinned” them to my Pinterest boards and now I can view them online from any computer anywhere!!

Too make it SUPER EASY, you can just download their button for your toolbar.  When you see something online you like and want to remember just click the pin!  Click HERE to learn how!

Just getting my boards organized!  Check out my Pinterest page HERE!

Until next time,

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