Mommy and Son Trip!

Before Bryan’s work schedule got really busy this summer, we decided that I could take a trip with Ethan and Ellie separately.
I’ll post soon about Ellie’s but for know I’d love to show you about Ethan’s!  We decided to go check out the aquarium in Atlanta!  We had not ever been so I thought this would be a good way to scope it out for a family trip later.
Ethan had not been to an aquarium since he could remember and I knew he would love it.  The funny thing is, he kept asking to go home over and over….even though he was having a great time.  He said he missed his family.  Such a sweet boy and a HOMEBODY!!!!
I might have been most excited about eating dinner at the Panda Express on day 1!  
Yum Yum!!!  It’s one of Daddy’s favorites…bet he was jealous!
I don’t put faith in fortune cookies but I found ours humorous this time around….
We checked into our hotel, took an awesome bubble bath and got into our pj’s!  Notice Spot’s new pj’s that we picked up at Build-A-Bear before dinner.
Here are a few shots from our fabulous day at the aquarium on day 2!
Ethan LOVED to press the button on this display and watch Deepo’s eyes move!  We pushed that button no telling how many times!
My favorite…the penguins….if only I could pet one….
Ethan REFUSED to touch any kind of creature but he would touch just the water…
Lunch at the aquarium!
This fish was a bit smitten with Ethan…it stared at him through the glass for a LONG TIME….

Sure did have a wonderful time with this sweet boy!  Can’t wait to do it again!

Until next time,

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