I Want To Do Better….

Don’t you just LOVE to get a card in the mail? I do!  One that’s been chosen just for you, signed with a real pen, has a real stamp on the outside and your handwritten address….

As much as I love to receive cards, I don’t know why I don’t send more!

Just lazy probably, I THINK about it and then just never get around to it.  I am vowing to do better!  I may not hit every birthday and anniversary but when God brings someone to my mind, I am going to stop what I am doing and send them a quick card!

I have all my card writing stuff in one spot so it should be pretty easy to pull together!

I’m going to get started with these great cards I got from Dayspring!  Man, how I love their cards!

Recently I got this set of Sassy & Sophisticated Greeting Cards and they are just too cute!  Looking forward to sharing them with friends!

This particular set includes:

  • 4 Birthday Cards
  • 2 Encouragement Cards
  • 2 Praying for You Cards
  • 2 Friendship Cards
  • What a great way to brighten a friend’s day!  Send one of these Sassy & Sophisticated cards from Dayspring!

    DaySpring gave me this product in exchange for my honest review.

    Until next time,

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