First Grade Here We Come….

I’m so excited to kick off first grade this fall!  Last year we had a very loose and fun kindergarten year but of course we’ll have to buckle down a bit more for first grade! =)

One of the funnest parts to me is searching for and deciding on curriculum!  There are so many options out there it’s crazy!

We’ll spend the first half of first grade concentrating mostly on language arts and math.  Probably after Christmas we might add in some health, science and social studies.  We’ll just see how it goes!

For handwriting, we’ll be using A Reason For Handwriting.

For math, we’ll be using Singapore Math.

For reading and phonics, we’ll be using Rod & Staff’s curriculum.

For science and history, if we do it at all, I’m still looking at Abeka but haven’t decided completely.

I can’t decide if I want to do an art curriculum formally, but I have looked at the Art With A Purpose from Rod & Staff as well.

We’ll include Ellie’s piano lessons with the fabulous Miss Ashley as her music for the year and daily practice of course during school time!

We won’t be doing a formal Bible curriculum but will use Ellie’s Awana materials for Scripture memorization.

Can’t wait to get all of her materials in and get the calendar planned out….especially can’t wait to go out for our 2nd annual school supply shopping and dinner!!!!

Until next time,

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