Happy 2012!!

Why in the world we continue to decide on New Year’s resolutions, I will never know!

 I fail miserably each year….ugghhhhh…

First, let’s take a look at last year’s…items in BLUE mean I made SOME sort of headway in this area….areas still in black, you ask?  Let’s don’t talk about those…


  • I’d like to take a look at the new Weight Watchers plan…yikes! I love Weight Watchers but am terrible about sticking with ANYTHING! I just started reading Made To Crave and I feel like it’s really going to make a difference in whatever weight loss plan I choose. 
  • I plan to start walking….maybe 5 times a week….maybe once a week…maybe twice before the year is over. I am not setting my self up for failure by saying how often…I am planning to walk S-O-M-E. 
  • I plan to take a shower everyday and attempt to do something with my mop of a head of hair and face. Now before you say “Ewwwwww….who doesn’t take a shower everyday?” Cut me some slack…I have two preschoolers and a kindergartner that I homeschool….showering doesn’t always make the list. Don’t judge. 
  • Go to bed EARLIER! Obviously not starting off well with this one because it’s January 1st at 11pm and I am on the computer! ACK!! Tomorrow is another day… 


  • Read more to all three of my little ones…David too, if he’s up for it, but at 17 he’s probably got that covered himself….just saying…. 
  • Try to answer “Yes” more to my children. Before you think that I mean to spoil them and do whatever they ask, here’s what I mean. When they ask me for simple things, I am so quick to answer “No” out of habit. “Mommy will you play a game with me?” “In a minute” I say…”Mommy will you hold me?” “After I start another load of laundry…” “Mommy can we go outside and play?” “Not right now, maybe later”…. I plan to answer yes as often as I can…to be intentional about it. 
  • To make more time for Bryan and I. To be intentional about not putting the kids, church commitments and my plans before my relationship with my husband. 


  • To be better organized. I do a terrible job of keeping up with what I am spending. Once a week on “office day” I plan to clean out my purse of all receipts and make sure our checkbook is balanced!
  • To ask myself more questions…instead of spending this money on a new sweater what else could I do with that money? How could I use it to help someone else? Give more. I want to be quick to give and know that God is going to provide for me all the things that I need. I don’t want to hold back in giving to help someone else because I am worried about myself. 
  • To work with the kids on some sort of money coaching. Whether that’s through an allowance or some other method…helping them be more aware of where our money goes and ways that we could help others instead of spending money on ourselves. 


  • Get rid of stuff! What if I went through only one room a month and just went through every drawer, cabinet, closet and generously pulled things I don’t use and don’t need? By this time next year, I would be junk FREE! Kitchen is first up in January….be afraid kitchen…be very afraid. 
  • Get a handle on my scrapbooking! Put a date on my calendar once a month where I can get some time to myself and get organized and catch up. Poor Ruby Kate has nothing in her album but her sonogram pictures…GASP!! 
  • Be a better homemaker. Put a loose plan in writing for what I plan to do everyday, every week, every month. I want my house to not be a complete embarrassment if someone where to pop in. I’m tired of suffering from C.H.A.O.S. (can’t have anyone over syndrome).

Ok….. so here’s to THIS year…

I’m keeping it simple…new baby coming helps with that!

PERSONAL – Read my Bible through this year for the first time.  So inspired by my friends Kristin and Lisa!  So proud of you both!

HOME – Get JUNK out of this HOUSE!!

FAMILY – less computer/social media….more hubby and little ones!

FINANCIAL – give…give…give!

Happy New Year!

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