A Mommy’s Helper…….

At our book study last night, the topic of a “Mommy’s Helper” came up.  Although never giving much thought to this term, I have had teenagers come and hang out with our little ones from time to time and play with them so I could get a few things done around the house.

Sometimes, it has been very helpful…..other times, not so much.  I blame myself for the not so good times.  I should have done a better job explaining what I planned to do and what I expected from them.

When working well though, a pair of extra hands around the house allows me to get an amazing amount of things done!

About a month ago, I talked to Bryan about hiring a teenager that my kids LOVE to possibly come and help me one day a week this summer.  I have lots of ideas about what we might get done on those days!

  • maybe it’s a pretty day outside and she can take all the little ones outside to play so that I can get things done inside and keep our newest addition out of the heat
  • maybe she rides with us around town as we run errands…you know the ones….where you just need to run in a place really quick and don’t want to unload everyone!
  • maybe she entertains the little ones, fixes them lunch and I get to clean out my closet or mop the floors!
  • maybe during the kids nap, she helps me organize the pantry and freezer and make my grocery list
I think I could make a list of infinite ideas!!
Another thing that appeals to me is being able to share with young girls, what’s it’s like to run a household with little ones and homemaking responsibilities.  I felt very prepared to become a mother from not only babysitting as a teen but by seeing my mother take care of my younger siblings.  Obviously I didn’t know it all but I felt like I had a great advantage.  Who says that being a Titus 2 mentor can’t start for me now?

For some younger girls, before they reach the teen years, they want to get babysitting experience but mothers are hesitant to hire them because of their age and inexperience.  What a great opportunity being a mommy’s helper would be!  They could work alongside a mother, helping her with the little ones and things around the house.  Then when they hit the teenage years, they are ready to babysit alone because they have experience!

I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas on having a mommy helper in your home!

  • things you’d like to get done
  • what you would consider paying your helper
  • how often and for how long you’d have them stay

I’ll be sure and share all the things I’ve been able to accomplish with my mommy’s helper this coming summer!  Although I’m tempted to ask Bryan if we can start NOW!!!! Ha!!

Be sure to check out the video below about a mommy’s helper!

Until next time,

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