Facebook Killed the Blog……

Well, hello, there blog…remember me?  Boy have I been a slacker….

I blame it on Facebook….what a time stealer….

Our lives have been reduced to mere snippets of information throughout the day.  No one really tells their story, shares their feelings in a personal way…..we just update our status.

That being said, I am officially off of Facebook for the time being.  After reading the “Media” chapter in the book “7” by Jen Hatmaker, God has really shown me how addicted I was to the constant connection I had with Facebook.

I have always made excuses in my mind about how that was my connection to other adults since I am a stay at home mom….how that was how I connected with friends, kept up with family, learned about the latest.

I’ve learned that:

  • life goes on…whether I know about it or not, surprisingly people can survive without my knowledge of their every activity
  • I really have less “friends” than I thought…..Although my FB account may say that I have over 400 friends, how many of them are truly friends? I can count on one hand those that have actually contacted me since I have been off of FB.  And do you know what? They haven’t all been those I would have considered my best friends.  Some of the ones I have had the most contact with have been my newest friends.  Boy have I learned a lot….
  • Not being constantly connected to FB via my iPhone has allowed me to pay more attention to my little ones…..has taken a way the need to repeatedly check my phone for updates.
A few highlights from this book chapter that I loved:
  • “We have our own little screen worlds to immerse in; actual human contact seems optional.”
  • “Several times, as I realized I was caught up on correspondence, done with laundry, ad finished with my to-do list, God whispered: ‘Hi there.'”
  • “My communion with God suffers not for lack of desire but time.”
  • “The dangerous part of our social media and technologically saturated world is not it’s existence but what it distracts us from.”
  • “…my biggest fear going into media month was that the world might stop turning until I was done, but I discovered others didn’t need me to be as wired as I thought. Most of my media involvement is simply about me.”
Maybe my new found time, will allow me more of a chance to document our family happenings on our blog which I love to do!  I love to have this record for my little ones and I have been woefully lacking…..
Now to make the time to update on Baby #4….detailed update coming soon!  I need to write it all down before I forget! Ja!
Until next time,

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