Neely Update

Just for Kristin and Regena I’ll do this Awana style and do this with bullet points! 🙂

•helicopter flew half way to Anniston and had to turn back because of weather.
•UAB sent an ambulance to get her and it broke down on the way.
•UAB sent another ambulance to get her.
•The transport team let Bryan and I hold her for the first time then took her to UAB. Bryan followed.
•I got a shower and my mom brought me to UAB.
•Neely saw the doctor and cardiologist very quickly. They did a sonogram of her heart and determined that she has an AV Canal Defect.
•She will require surgery to repair her heart when she is four to six months, preferably the sooner the better if she is strong enough.
•They do not believe there are any issues with the infection. Not showing signs of an infection.
•She will have genetic testing while she is here to confirm Down Syndrome diagnosis.
•She is off oxygen and they are allowing me to attempt to breast feed her. 🙂 Makes this momma happy!!
•Looks like we will be at UAB 7 to 10 days if her breast feeding goes well.

I can’t wait to have time to share with all of you how God worked in our lives to get this special little one to our family. She is an answer to this momma’s prayers!

Thank you for your continued prayers!

12 thoughts on “Neely Update

  1. Jenifer, were you aware of a possible diagnosis of Down's before delivery? Praying for all of you! Carey and Gretchen Tucker


  2. Neely is a little angel from the Lord. She's beautiful! I know that God has a special plan for her and will be with you through whatever you have to go through. You, Neely, and your family are in my prayers!


  3. Jenifer, she is beautiful!! So glad that you are getting to breastfeed and that you are able to be with her. Praying for Neely, for you and Bryan, and for the doctors. Praising God with you for this precious little blessing!!


  4. Such an angelic sweet face (are those lil RubyKate lips). So happy to hear good bullet point reports. We've joined in prayer for you and Neely Jane. God is so good! Such dynamic blessings. Continuing to lift you and your wonderful family in prayer and belief of all good things from God. Thank you for the updates for all of us who love you and hold your family dear; we all want to do something so it's an honor to know how to pray for you. Much love for all of you from all of us.


  5. Rejoicing in Gods blessings!!! What a precious gift you have been given. Only our precious Saviour could orchestrate this… Congratulations on a beautiful baby girl!


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