Sweet Neely Jane…..

Well, our precious little one has arrived! So excited to welcome our precious Neely Jane. She was born at 9:57pm, weighed 8 pounds 1 ounce and is 20 inches long. She arrived after a looooooong day of roller coaster labor. We spent over half of the day expecting Dr. Moersch to decide to do a c section because of my lack of progress. At one point, our nurse even came in and prepped me for surgery which was pretty scary……I soooooo did not want to have to recover from a section. Dr Moersch allowed me to labor on my own as long as I showed some progress. Praise the Lord for small progress in the later hours and her willingness to help me have the birth I wanted.

Little Miss Neely was pretty gray when she was delivered and the nurses spent a good bit of time, suctioning her and got out all sorts of thick goop from her lungs. Yuck! They normally encourage Moms to directly start kangaroo care the first hour after birth but we didn’t even get to hold her. They took her straight to the nursery.

Once they got her to the nursery, Bryan says they made several attempts to start an IV with no success. They eventually managed to get one in her little foot…..it looks pitiful. They did some bloodwork and her white cell count is elevated that shows she has some sort of infection. They won’t know what kind of infection for 48 hours. They went ahead and started her on an antibiotic and started her on oxygen as well. She has a lovely little “bubble” on her head. Last night when we made it to our room she was on about 50% oxygen with a saturation of around 90%. This morning when I called the nursery, they had her up to 60% with a 92-94% saturation. The nurse said she wasn’t displeased with that. I guess to me, more oxygen seems bad but I hope to be able to discuss with Dr Sabens when he visits this morning.

To me, the nurse last night did not seem very optimistic about her being able to come to our room today but I am claiming healing in Jesus’ name and that we finally get to hold our precious little one.

Managed to get a little sleep last night…. Bryan went home to sleep around 3am and I settled in, then up again at 5am to pump. Hoping to get ready this morning in time to see Sabens, visit with Neely and then maybe sneak in a nap.

We covet your prayers for our sweet Neely.

Aching to hold her……

2 thoughts on “Sweet Neely Jane…..

  1. We will be praying for you and precious Neely Jane! May GOD touch this wonderful gift from HIM and heal her! Praying she will soon be in her Mommy's arms!! Hang in there and rest up so when Neely comes for her time with you, you will be sooooo ready!!


  2. praying for you and your family! I know what you are going through. with my first he was stuck in the birth canal , had to have an emergancy csection andhe was swept away.. after coming to from the csection i finally got to see him almost 2 1/2 hours later! he stayed in the nicu at brookwood for 8 days… my second came 2 weeks early with a slight leak in his lung he stayed in the nicu for 7 days.. i don't remember every having my 2nd in the room and the first got to “visit a couple hours in the room” its hard being so close to them but not next to them.. my heart breaks for you!


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