Great day!

Neely had a great night last night!

She got to try bottle feeding for the first time. She only took in a little but was a champ at trying.  It tired her out very quickly and had to finish the remainder with the NG tube.  So proud of her!

She used the NG tube throughout the night and had no residual milk in her stomach at the beginning of each feeding so she’s taking it all in!  Woohoo!  The even jumped her from 18 ml to 45ml and she did great!  And BONUS, mommy got to sleep through the night for the first time! What a blessing! I know there won’t be many of those nights in my near future! 🙂  Well worth the lack of sleep though!

After meeting with the speech pathologist this morning, she and Neely devised this plan for her feeding and even posted a note for others to see.  I love that Neely is so well spoken in her first week of life.  I think she might have had lots of help from Maggie the Speech pathologist!

When  she is  tired or resting, this is what feeds Neely. Thankful for this wonderful bit of technology so that she stays well fed and can grow, grow, grow even when she is struggling with feeding herself.

Here’s mommy’s new best friend.  I’m glad pumping is going well.  Definitely not my favorite thing to do but worth it for our sweet little one.

Neely has had lots of visitors.  Sadly I have forgotten to get out my camera when they come!! But I do have a few so Neely will remember when her friends came by!

The Ulrichs!  God love ’em…say a prayer for them….they are keeping Ethan.  I think he might be spolied when I get him back.  🙂

The Colemans!!  They are keeping the girls for us and might be worn out too from keeping up with the many episodes of Umizoomi that RK is requiring them to watch!

We enjoyed our visit with the Monroe’s but forgot to snap a picture!!!  Bella Grace brought Neely this sweet little bunny rabbit named Angel that she made for her at Build-A-Bear!  It’s busy keeping Neely company in her crib.

Ethan came to visit but he was not impressed with his new little sister.  He was more concerned about where Regena was taking him next and eating a bag of Cheetos that he found!  I think he was a little taken aback by all the wires and her big scary bed.  I know he will be all excited once we get her home.

The most excited of course was big sister Ellie.  She was ecstatic.  She got to hold her and even got to check her blood pressure.  She is going to be such a big help to me once we get home.  She is a wonderful big sister!

Neely had a great visit this morning with the speech pathologist who was a wealth of information for mommy about bottle feeding.  Excited to have her as a resource.  We got our initial diagnosis back from the geneticist today which was a confirmation of the Down’s diagnosis but we of course were expecting that.  It will be a another week or so before all the details come in.  Hoping to meet the the geneticist on Monday.
Continuing to work with Neely on bottle feeding.  If she is awake and alert, we try to bottle feed and if she is still sleeping we use the NG tube so that she can continue to rest.  She gets tired really quickly because of her heart and we want to set her up for success when attempting to bottle feed.  
Although my greatest desire is to breast feed her exclusively, it is almost a detriment to her to keep trying and trying when it exhausts her so much.  I know that God knows the desires of my heart and I am praying that she has great success with the bottle and then after her surgery she is the queen of breastfeeding!  We’ll continue to introduce her to the breast when we get home as her energy level allows.
Thank you so much for all your prayers for our sweet little “rascal” as her Daddy calls her.  I think she already has her Daddy wrapped around her little finger.  He is already talking about what a blast it will be to take her to Disney!  Talk about smitten!  He’s such a sucker!  Ha!  He’s all about his girls and Neely will be no different!


2 thoughts on “Great day!

  1. Thank you so much for keeping us up to date! I know it's got to be a lot of work, but we love reading the post! So happy she doing well and our family can't wait till you all get home to spoil her!! Love you all! Jenn


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