Saturday….Day 5

Well, let’s see….it’s Saturday, starting our fifth day at UAB.  We are receiving excellent care here for Neely and could not ask to be in a better facility.  What a blessing it us for us to have this so close in Birmingham.  I can’t imagine those families that have to go really far away with their babies in the NICU.

It breaks my heart to hear the stories from the nurses about the babies that come through here.  Very sick babies where the mom and dad both have to stay at home either for work or to take care of their other children.  They just have to leave their babies here alone and come and visit when they can.  I don’t even like to walk to the cafeteria and eat much less be an hour and a half from her.  I am thankful that I am able to be here.  I know it is creating chaos on the other end but I am grateful for a wonderful hubby is trying his best to coordinate things at home so I can stay here.

I got to talk to the kids for a bit this morning.

Ellie was only concerned about when she gets to come back and see Neely and whether or not she is going to get to go to VBS.

Ethan said he had three things to tell me.
1) Could he play with his Legos (he’s back home near his exorbitant Lego supply).
2) When was I coming home. (He asked that about 5 times)
3) And that he loved me.

Talk about melt a momma’s heart….

Ruby Kate just cried the entire time.  She hardly said anything, she just sobbed.  Broke my heart.  I miss my babies terribly and am so ready to be home with all my babies and husband under one roof, back to our normal routine and getting to love on them as much as I want to.

Neely who has been jaundice, though not quite enough to treat, has an elevated number this morning.  So she has changed beds and is under the bili lights.  We were so excited that she had moved into a big girl crib but that was short lived.  Praying that the lights help take care of the jaundice quickly so I can get my hands on her and get her back into a regular crib.

When she was still in her big girl bed….

Into the bed with the radiant warmer…she is not maintaining her body temperature, so they are hoping this will help….

And under the bili lights….

Neely is adding to her stuffed animal collection!  Loving this pink sock monkey from Gran.

The most awesome thing of the day was that Neely got up at 4am on her own and was acting hungry!  I went to the nurses station and asked if I could go ahead and try to feed her a bottle. She told me that her next feeding time was not until 5:30 and that we really needed to wait.

Of course the momma instinct kicks in and my frustration level was mounting.  I had a baby who was latching onto my finger, sucking like a crazy person and I had no bottle to give her!  I didn’t want to try and nurse her because it wears her out so much so I came back to the room and just held her and asked God to make a way for me to feed my baby.  I was not in the room five minutes when the nurse comes in with a bottle and asks if I would like to feed her early…..uhhhhhhh….YES!!!!!!!

God is so good.  He knows the desires of our heart and He longs to give us those things if we only ask.

Thank you again for your continued prayers.  Other than the jaundice (which is minor) feeding is our only hold up to being able to go home.  Her little heart just wears out and she gets so tired that she doesn’t have the energy to eat from a bottle.  We are praying that God continues to give her strength to eat so we can be together as a family.


3 thoughts on “Saturday….Day 5

  1. Breaks my heart about RK & I know you miss them all ! Praying for comfort for everyone. Praise God for that answered prayer this morning. Can't wait for you & Neely to be home 🙂


  2. So thankful you guys are able to be there with Neely. I know you miss your babies so much. That just breaks my heart for you.
    Continuing to pray my friend.


  3. So glad to hear she was able to eat well. Hope last night went well, too!!! Waiting for your next update… Love you!


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