Happy One Week Neely!!!!!!!

It was a week ago today that our sweet girl was born into the world!  Happy one week Neely!!

We’ve had  a busy week with things going not as we had planned but going good none the less!

Yesterday, Neely took 78% of her milk with a bottle!  Woohoo!!!!  They have upped her to 52 ml so she had a little more to take this time and she was tired quickly.  Still so proud of her!!!  Her doctor said once we have fed at 100% with bottles we are going home!  Praying that today continues to go well with feeds and that we hit 100% tomorrow!

In anticipation of that we have scheduled our discharge class!!!!  Yay!!!  They will go over all of her discharge instructions with us and how to care for her, as well as giving us an infant CPR class.  Very glad to be learning that but praying we never need it.

We have enjoyed our visitors while we have been here.  I forgot to mention our visit from the Borders family.  We sure do love Jennifer and Jason and hated that Jennifer didn’t get to hold Neely because of her recent vaccination (Jennifer’s recent kidney transplant keeps her from coming in contact until Neely is two weeks past her vaccination date).

Jason loved that he could rub it in Jennifer’s face that HE got to hold the baby and SHE did not….

He even got to listen to the sound her stomach makes when they check for placement of her NG tube!  I had not even gotten to do that!

We so enjoyed our visit with Ruth and Laura Lumpkin.  What a joy to see their smiling faces and share our sweet Neely Jane with them!

I LOVED that my cousin Maddie was able to come and visit.  Maddie was born prematurely and spent many months in the NICU herself.  She enjoyed asking lots of questions and getting to check out Neely’s wires and monitors.

Neely’s great aunt Mo came to see her and so did her big brothers David….

And Will….

Enjoyed getting to visit with Dr. Derek!  Bryan and I are so thankful for our Pastor and our precious church family.  They are such a blessing to us.  They have poured themselves out to help us in so many different ways since we have been here.  Most thankful for their prayers for our sweet little girl and our family.

I think my favorite visitor might have been my Grandma Ruby!  She is always hilarious and makes me smile.  So thankful that she was able to come and meet her newest great granddaughter.  What a blessing she is to me…I love my Grandma Ruby!

When you spend most of your day in a little hospital room, it’s the little things that make you happy.  I am thankful that we have a room with a window.  So many of these rooms are interior and these precious families have no sunlight!  What a blessing to be able to open the blinds each morning to the sunshine.  Also enjoy looking out the window at the new Children’s Hospital that is about to open!  A lot of the cardiology patients will now be seen there.  Neely might have her surgery there in a few months if not at UAB.

I might have consumed my body weight in decaf mocha frappuccinos…..couldn’t say for sure….the small things in life…

Today she has taken all but about 24 ml by bottle!!!  Not a 100% day today but getting closer!  We are even scheduled to take a discharge class tomorrow in anticipation of going home soon!!!  PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!

We met with the geneticist today briefly.  They got the preliminary test results back and they came back as her having Trisomy 21 with an accuracy rate of 95%.  The final results will be in in about another week or so.  We didn’t learn anything we didn’t already know.  Just confirmation of what God had already shown us.  They did give us a book to get started with and it was one that I already had in my Amazon shopping cart to purchase later today!  God is good!  Excited to continue to educate ourselves about our sweet little one who has a little something “extra”. 🙂

She’s so precious when she is sleeping…

But this sweet little girl can have an ATTITUDE…we might be in trouble…


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