Home Sweet Home…..

Wow…it’s been a busy week since I last updated….

We finally had 48 hours where Neely took 100% of her feeds with a bottle so we got to come home on Friday!!!  I’ve never been so glad to see the old dirt driveway leading up to our house!

Even though I would have never wished to be at UAB in the NICU, I am so thankful for our time there.  Thankful for a wonderful team of doctors and nurses who took such great care of our little Neely and even took great care of mommy!

I especially think those nurses that work at night are part nurse, part counselor.  I am so grateful for the advice and encouragement I received from them, often in the wee hours of the morning!

(I SOOOOO wish I had remembered to pick up my camera and take pictures of ALL our nurses and doctors! Here’s a few!)

I think Neely especially loved Ms. Laura who washed her greasy hair!!  Boy did she need it!

Ms. Amanda was there to help us “break out” on our last day!

Ms. Paula was PRECIOUS!!!  Mommy so enjoyed talking with her about our families, homeschooling, our faith and even the small fortune she spent on her first time to Yogurt Mountain…ha!

Ms. Kathryn was so special to mommy!  She just loved our sweet Neely to death and I could have just brought her home if she would have come with us!  She was such an encouragement to me and I looked forward to the nights when she was our nurse.

Ms. Stephanie…what a sweetheart….she was one of two Stephanies!  How did I not get a picture of Stephanie B.??

I am so sad that I did not get pics of Ms. Kerry (who lives in Anniston!!!!!!!), Ms. Stephanie B., Ms. Kristen, Ms. Amy and several others!  If you are reading this ladies, send me a picture so I can put it in Neely’s album!!!

And last but not least, I can’t leave off Ms. Heather! We had Heather the first few nights we were there and then again later in our visit.  God love her, she was the one who had to do the majority of the pricks and pokes on our sweet Neely.  She was such a blessing to me and I so enjoyed our late night chats when she would come to check on Neely.  She is the mother of 5 and it felt as though she was a kindred spirit!  I would SOOOOOOOOOO  be friends with Heather “in real life”!!  Can you do that?  Become friends with your baby’s NICU nurses?!?!?!  🙂

Miss Neely Jane was ready to head to the house in her sweet pink daygown that her Gran made for her.

Isn’t she so precious with all the tubes and wires gone? Praise the Lord!

For some reason Mommy had to ride out in a wheelchair….I guess it was really Neely who had to ride out in the wheelchair but she just gave me a lift!  Look how W-I-D-E that wheelchair is!!  Think they were trying to tell me something?

I sure am missing this monitor at our house these days.  At first it drives you NUTS but then it becomes a nice reminder that everything is alright with your little one.  Monitor, I might have said ugly things about you when we first met but wishing you were here now…….

So proud of our little Neely and all the pricks and sticks she had to endure and all the milestones she reached while we were at UAB. I love her set of “bravery beads” and what a reminder it will be to us of all she’s been through on her journey to come.  She’ll get to add even more when she comes back for her heart surgery and then this Mommy hopes she can call her necklace complete after that!

Enjoyed getting to settle in at home on Friday night with all my little ones under the same roof!  I couldn’t convince Ethan to come join in the picture…..I think he was busy playing on the iPad.  Plus he doesn’t like to get too close to Neely…he says she’s too little. 🙂

I will say that coming home has been hard on Mommy….isn’t it always an adjustment when you bring a new baby home?  Trying to get our big kids back into their routine and get some sort of a plan going with Neely’s feeds, my pumping and I haven’t even STARTED my other 10,000 mommy duties!

Daddy is being such a big help…I am thankful that he is willing to help in any way he can!  His hardest task might be trying to wake me in the middle of the night so I can wake and feed Neely who doesn’t wake up on her own.  All three of us are usually dragging by that 4am feeding!

Neely had a good visit with Dr. Ebba on Monday but had lost a few ounces….that stresses this Mommy out!

Any prayers you’d like to send up for Neely to eat well and GROW, GROW, GROW would be so appreciated.

We weighed her today and she had gained back a little but I would be lying if I said it wasn’t a HUGE deal to Mommy.

It feels at times as if her entire success of feeding and growing depends on me and I certainly feel the pressure.

It has brought lots of tears to these eyes when no one is looking and lots of prayers over each bottle that I feed, asking the Lord to help her eat just one more bottle with success.  Then the prayers start for the next bottle…..

So appreciative of all the help from friends, especially meals….what a blessing to this tired family…..

Until next time,

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