On the right track……

After several days with lots of feeding struggles, I think it is safe to say that Neely Jane is doing better eating.  She is still not at 100% but I think that she is on her way.

She is actually starting to wake up some before it’s time to take her bottle which is such an answer to prayer!  According to our scale at home, it looks like she might have even put on a couple of ounces.  The true test of that will be at her weight check on Monday.  I’m praying that there is enough weight gain to keep Dr. Ebba happy…then this momma will be ecstatic!

All my adult life, I’ve worried over whether or not I had gained or lost a pound….feels crazy to be excited about ounces!! Ha!!

Bryan and I are so thankful for our friends and family that have been praying for us and little Neely.  Grateful that my closest friends have gathered together to pray specifically at each specific feeding time.  What a blessing you all are to us. So thankful that I have such  a wonderful group of Godly women in my life…..you are all so dear to me.

We would covet your prayers if you felt led to join with them at a specific feeding time.  They are:


I also love to see God show out when we ask Him to. I have prayed that God would help us to know what to do to help Neely eat better…that we were open to anything, just to keep sending ideas our way.

Late Thursday night, after Neely’s WORST feeding day since we’ve been home (203 mL instead of 560 mL), I got this Facebook message from my childhood pastor’s wife:

If you get a chance please call me tonight or tomorrow morning or send me a message. We have a couple in our church who have a baby (about 4mo.) with a rare syndrome similar to downs. They had so many problems with the eating that the doctors sent them to children’s to have a feeding tube inserted. However, they decided to try one more time and started trying all kinds of nipples and bottles at the hospital. How about all the sudden they found one that worked and where it had taken 45 mins for 2 oz (I think), he was able to take 4oz in 10 minutes. Praise the Lord, NO feeding tube and he’s now growing like crazy!!! Keep trusting!!!! We’ll keep praying!! The mom is on Facebook. If you would like to talk to her, I’ll be glad to give you her number or you can message her. Love you and looking for a miracle!!!

So late Thursday night, I send a FB message to this mom, Misty, whom I have never met but God has sent my way through Mrs. Carol!!!  Misty messages right back!!!  She tells me how a certain bottle nipple worked well for them and she had some extra she would put in the mail to me on Friday morning!!  Praise the Lord for meeting our needs through people we have never even met!!!  God is so good!

So we sit and wait for our package to arrive and I was telling my friend Brandi who also has a baby with DS about how excited I was to have this new nipple option to try on Saturday when they arrived.  well, lo and behold, Brandi had one of these special nipples that she had gotten at the hospital for her son Seth to try!!!  AAAhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!

Our friend Millie went and picked it up, brought it to our house and we were all set for the 1pm feeding on FRIDAY!  She was not very awake and only took 37mL but it was better than a lot of feeds had been!  We tried again at 4pm and she took 60 mL, then 54 at the next feeding then 50 at the next!!!!!  Woohoo!!!!!!

After realizing that the nipple made such a difference, I began to search online for other ideas.  Lots of sites, suggested that a latex nipple was easier for a DS baby.  So Bryan went to Winn Dixie just to check and see if they had any.  He came home with one bottle that looked really familiar.  How about….


I thought it was too small!  But it seems to be one she likes really well!!!  Who knew!?!?!?!  I never knew I would be this excited over a bottle nipple!!!!  Between that nipple and the special red ones from my new friend Misty, we might be set!!!

Feast your eyes on these….they might just be my new best friends….

Until next time,

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