Weight Check……

Anybody dread Mondays?

Yeah, me too….especially when it means a weight check…..


We headed to Dr. Ebba’s this afternoon for Neely’s one month appointment (a week late…they were closed last week) and for a weight check.  When we got there it was time for a bottle and I can’t tell you how badly I wanted to feed her and THEN weigh her but I was honest and had them weigh her first…..

She weighed in at 8 pounds and a half an ounce!  Up from 7 pounds 12 and  a half ounces last Monday! WooHoo!!!  She did not have an awesome week of feeding so I think it may be the fact that before last weeks weight check we had had three days worth of Lasix in our system….this week no Lasix for over half the week.

Whatever the reason for the weigh gain, I’ll take it…….PRAISE THE LORD!!!!

Dr. Ebba is going to give us another week for her to take exclusively breastmilk with the new nipples we have been trying.

Next week, if she loses weight or stays the same, we are going to try one week of a special high calorie (read….EXPENSIVE) formula and see if she gains weight that way.

So we are putting the formula supplement and the coconut oil on hold for now…..

If we have to try the straight formula and have success then we will go back to a diet of half breastmilk and half high calorie formula.

I, of course, want her to be exclusively on breast milk, but of course I want her to gain weight as well.  I am praying for a week of great feeds and weight gain so that Ebba will not insist we try the straight formula.

Pray with us my friends.  We covet your prayers and are so thankful for them.

On the subject of her new bottles/nipples, she seems to be doing so much better.  We still have some feeds that are not GREAT but instead of being 15mL, they are in the 30 to 40 mL range!  Works for me!  Some of her feeds, she is even hitting the desired 70mL!!!  WooHoo!!!  Praise the Lord!

God is so faithful to answer our prayers in His time.  Often I think He wants us to get to the end of ourselves so that we will rely on Him.

Well, let me tell you, I have so been there this last week.  God has been so faithful to remind me of His love for myself and for Neely.  He has sent friends our way, old and new, to encourage us and lift us up, share ideas with us….you all are such a blessing.

On a funny side note, Dr. Ebba mentioned today that he feels like a celebrity…..he said everywhere he goes people keep asking him how Neely is doing! Ha!

We decided that we should get him a shirt that’s says “Yes! I’m Neely’s Pediatrician”!

Until next time,

One thought on “Weight Check……

  1. Absolutely get him a shirt! Thank you Lord for weight gain…uhhh Neely's weight gain that is! I would have rather had a loss today, thank you. Neely has several fan clubs, she is quite the celebrity! Love ya all!


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