Neely’s First Physical Therapy!

Neely had her first physical therapy session this week with Mrs. Susan!  She is a therapist with Early Intervention and will come to our house about twice a month to work with Neely.  She was so sweet and we loved getting to meet her.

(Here’s Neely’s grumpy old lady face for you to enjoy! HA!)

She of course seemed to think our Neely was just precious (perceptive woman, that Susan!) and was very encouraging to this Momma!

In her official report, she said Neely was “amazing” on her tummy!  WooHoo!  Go Neely!  She tries really hard to lift her head up and can even hold it up for a few seconds.  She doesn’t get NEARLY as frustrated with tummy time as my other three did…they HATED it!  She doesn’t fuss and just tries over and over to lift her head.  If she can get one arm underneath herself, she’ll even start kicking out one leg and just about rolls over! HA!  She did it once when Susan was here and she credited it to just being a reflex but I’ll take it!!  She did it this morning during tummy time too!

Won’t be long before it is an “official” roll over and we’l get to count it for the baby book! HA!

Susan gave us some exercises to work on with Neely and some great suggestions to get her to start using her hands.

Looking forward to her progress in the years to come!

Neely is still not eating the quantity they want her to in a day but she seems to be consistent.  On average she takes anywhere from 35 to 50 in a given day with some being lower and some being as high as 70 mLs.

This morning at 10am she took 80 mLs!!!!  Praise the Lord!!!  I am starting to make each bottle at 80mLs just to give her the chance in case she does want it!

Again, we thank you so much for your prayers and we still greatly covet them.  We are ok with slow and steady progress as long as she is eating!!!!

Until next time,

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