Neely seems to be consistent with her eating more and more each day. She’s not necessarily taking in more by leaps and bounds each day, but we are so thankful to not be having days in the 200s!!!

Saturday and Sunday both she had 500 mL days!!  Praise the Lord.  The last few have not been quite that exciting but I’ll take 400 days over 200 days any day! 🙂

We did not have to go to Dr. Ebba for a weight check on Monday because she had gained weight the previous week.   But in true paranoid mama fashion we had an unofficial weigh in at home on our baby scale.  I stripped her down to nothing just like at the doctor and weighed her that morning.  She weighed 8 pounds 12.5 ounces!!!

Weight gain of 3 ounces from the previous week!!  WooHoo!!!!  I’ll take it!  Any progress is better than no progress!  Hoping at our next appointment with Dr. Ebba on August the 6th, that he will be pleased with her weigh gain and continue to let us just stick with breastmilk.

Our next cardiologist appointment is August 3rd and hoping that he will be pleased with weight gain as well and not suggest adding formula or oil to the bottles again.  She seems to take each bottle so much better when it contains JUST breastmilk.

Also looking forward to meeting with the geneticist that Friday as well…have I already said that?  Just amazes me how complex our bodies are, how much detail goes into us and that to God, our creation was just a breath or a thought.  Can’t wait to learn more!

We continue to covet your prayers for our sweet Neely.  She seems to still be doing really well to us.  She does have some times of labored breathing which they expect to become more frequent as her surgery date approaches.  There are times that I place my huge hand over her tiny chest and her heart seems to be racing, yet she is as calm as can be…God is so good.  We are so thankful that not only is He watching over her but so many of you are praying for her daily.

I love to report about how well she has done at a specific feeding time and someone shout out on Facebook that that time is their time to pray!  Just makes this momma so happy to have a church family that loves us and Neely and doesn’t hesitate to lift her up in prayer.

If I can be selfish for just a minute, I would covet your prayers as well specifically for me.  I have been struggling with some balance and nausea issues.  After talking with a friend and thinking they were related to an inner ear infection, I began taking a course of antibiotics hoping that would heal things right up.  The antibiotic broke Neely out all over in a rash so I stopped taking it and went to the doctor hoping to just get a different antibiotic.

After being examined by the ENT, he says I do not have an inner ear infection but an imbalance…that he is not sure of the cause of just yet.  He explained in great detail but here’s the basics.

We are trying a course of medicines that he hopes solves this issue and it is gone completely.  If that is not the case after this round of medicine (diuretic, allergy medicine and valium) then he will send me to an audiologist for further testing to determine which ear is affected then I will have an MRI to determine whether or not I have a tumor in that inner ear.

Scared me to death at first to hear that but from what I can understand these tumors are benign.  Whoo…

If that is the case there are several different treatment options, none of which sound very appealing.  My main concern is that I get the balance issue resolved because I constantly feel dizzy and am so afraid I am going to fall while carrying Neely.  Plus it just makes it hard to do even everyday things while you are so dizzy.  Yuck!

I go back to the ENT on Monday, August 6th and am praying that this course of medicine heals my ear and that there are no other actions required.

Looking forward to starting school next week with the kids and am even excited about making a grocery list and planning meals again!  Seems like forever since I have done some of the normal mom things.

We were so blessed to have meals brought to our home each  night for 33 DAYS!!!!!!  What a blessing!!!  I can not tell you the love Bryan and I have felt from all of our friends.

Some of you even brought meals twice, God love you!  I know for some of you, getting dinner on the table each night for your own family is a struggle with work and all the other things that make life so busy but from the bottom of our hearts, thank you for being the hands and feet of Jesus to us.

(love me some Angie Smith…)

We have seen His love shine through your faces as you walked through our back door, we’ve tasted the love in the delicious meals you brought and have felt a calm that can only come from Him when we didn’t have to worry about what we would feed our children each night.  Thank you.

If you brought dinner, I promise your thank you note is sitting here right beside my mommy command center waiting to be mailed!  I have almost all of them written and have yet to mail them because I wanted them all to be done first so I could make sure I didn’t miss anyone!  They are next to my birth announcements!  Yes, they are addressed and ready to go, just have to lick the envelopes!  Yuck!!

I’ll leave you with this sweet picture of Neely Jane…ok not really THE Neely Jane but herself in bird form…yes as soon as I saw this picture I saw my sweet girl….the lovely lift of the “hair” and the sweet little upturned eyes…..

I will be framing this and hanging it in my house…I Love You sweet Neely Jane bird…..

Until next time,

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