Prayer Request…..

Dear friends, I have just a few minutes to share and was going to post an update about Neely but feel led to share another prayer request with you instead.  While I was pumping (sorry to the men in my life who read this….too much information I know), I ran across an urgent prayer request for a sweet little girl named Amelia.

Her adoptive mom,  Jenny is in Bulgaria now to bring her home and she is very sick.  She is twelve years old and weighs only twelve pounds.

Here’s the request I saw:


Here’s the link to another post with a little history on Amelia (called Liliana at the time).


I can’t help but look into those sweet brown eyes and wonder what life would have been like for her had she been born here, in the United States, to a family that loved and wanted her.

Also too reminds me…what if my sweet Neely Jane had been born half way across the world in Bulgaria , where NO ONE wanted her, and NO ONE loved her…

I shudder to think…

While I worry and fret over my little one who has the best access to healthcare, modern medicine and a family who adores her….there are those around the world that have no one to hug them tight, no one to tuck them in at night, no one to make sure they get all the things they need.

Oh my selfishness… I pray for my Neely, how I should also prayer for those around the world that but by the grace of God would be her……

And for Amelia’s precious momma Jenny….who has traveled far to reach her, only to find her desperately ill.  I can’t imagine how she feels…..won’t you lift her in prayer with me?  Prayers for the strength that she needs during this uncertain time, prayers that God’s love would just flow through her to sweet Amelia, prayers for wisdom as she makes decisions.

I pray that there is time to get her the medical care she needs, I pray there is time for her to know the love of family and to come to know the love of our Savior.

I pray that God opens the door for our family to rescue one of these precious little ones…in His time….and for His glory.

Until next time,

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