Just wanted to share a few quick pictures from our day!

Little Miss Neely is eight weeks old today!  Hard to believe!!

Posing for a picture is definitely NOT her favorite thing by the way….

Not really sure WHAT she was thinking in this picture…HA!

Such a sweetie….

Trying to get a good picture of ALL of her is about impossible!  She’s all over the place!  I couldn’t get all of her limbs in the frame at one time….This was as close as I got, crazy girl!

I weighed her this morning for our unofficial at home weight check and she weighed 8 pounds 12.5 ounces…..EXACTLY what she weighed last week! Ugghhhhhh….how is that even possible?  I feel like she’s been consistently eating….maybe she’s just burning more calories being awake more.  I hate to pray for her to sleep but little Miss needs to put on some weight!

At least it’s not a loss, right?!?!?  Can I get an Amen????

Today was also our first day of school…..I’ll share more on that craziness later but just had to share these sweet pictures!

Little man, was not at all interested in having his picture taken….he chose clothes that did not match and insisted on flip-flops instead of his cute sandals….

Sure do love this boy……

Ellie of course was ready for her photoshoot… always….

Can’t believe Ethan is starting kindergarten and Ellie is starting second grade!!!  They are growing up right before our very eyes…..

Ruby Kate refused to have any part of the picture taking outside…she was on the couch…watching Team Umizoomi… an undershirt and red gingham bloomers…while eating grapes and a granola bar….Lord help me……

Until next time,

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