Great checkup!

Well, we had a good visit at Dr. Ebba’s yesterday!  Neely weighed 9 pounds 1.5 ounces!  WooHoo!!!!

So thankful!

She had taken a dive in her growth curve because she was born at such an “average” weight but hopefully if she continues to gain there will begin to be an increase in the curve!

We don’t have to go back until she is four months old which will be right before her surgery.  He is not even having us come in for weight checks unless we notice that she is decreasing her intake.  I commented that I was weighing her at home every Monday morning and he said DON’T!!!


He said to weigh her every TWO weeks!

This is definitely not the Dr. Ebba I started out with when Ellie was a baby!!  Aliens may have taken over his body!  The old Ebba would have been wigging out and had me crying in my car on the way home!  Ha!

We really do love Dr. Ebba…he and I just had lots of growing pains when Ellie was a newborn. 🙂

Looking forward to a great end to this week with Ethan and Ruby Kate’s joint birthday party on Friday night!  It’s one of my favorite times of the year because not only do we get to enjoy some yummy cupcakes and swimming but we get to spend time with all of our kiddos friends and their families!

Got off to a slow start yesterday but we have had a pretty productive day today:

  • school
  • laundry
  • sheets washed on ONE bed!
  • dinner in the crock pot
WooHoo!  I count today a success!  
Just don’t ask me if I have bathed today or brushed my teeth…baby steps…..

Until next time,

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