Well…..it’s Monday….

It’s Thursday you say?

Wow….sure feels like a Monday!

Got up….went outside to see the new puppies born at our house last night….geesh….we said no more litters but weren’t quite fast enough on the whole “take the dog to the vet” thing…..that being said, anyone in the market for a puppy?

Warming up a bottle, Ellie helping fix breakfast, goes to the pantry in the laundry rooms and asks, “What’s that smell?”

Smells like smoke….again….

Open the air conditioning unit to see glowing red….again…..

This time, there is actual FIRE……

Tell Ellie to call daddy….who happened to still be in the driveway.

He puts out fire….turns off power to the unit…..

Now he’s headed to Mr. Refrigeration. They suggested that our unit needed to be replaced soon…..uh, I think the time has come…

My heart is still racing…I think I might be good for nothing today….

I clean when I am stressed….no school today…we are cleaning….

And airing out the smokey house….

Thanking God that we were home and God spared us from any real damage to our home or family. God is so good!

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