Snack Cup Ideas

I don’t know about you other Mommas but I am always looking for ways to make things at home easier especially when there is a new baby in the house!

I think all this time pumping has given me time to ponder…

Never fails when I sit down to feed the baby or pump that’s when someone needs something and very often it’s food related! 🙂

Ellie is very good about being willing to help by handing out a snack but often it’s only what she can reach in the pantry.

I tried right before Neely was born to implement a “snack jar” where everything in it was appropriate for a single serving snack but I found some problems with that method:

  1. Buying prepackaged snacks gets expensive and they often come in a larger portion size than I would like.
  2. If I package them myself in ziploc bags, by the time the snacks have been tossed around in the jar, often many of them are crushed or smooshed and end up being wasted, plus I hate the waste of all those plastic bags.
  3. A snack jar out on the counter does not allow for snacks that need to be refrigerated, like fresh vegetables, applesauce, etc.
So after much thought, here’s what we are implementing on our next trip to the grocery store.
We have our snack jar of course…a two gallon glass Anchor Hocking jar….you might question my use of glass, but I like that I can hear if someone tries to sneak into it! Ha!  You could also you a drawer in your kitchen if you had a spare one.
Next, I’ve invested in these handy snack containers from First Years.  I got them at  After thinking of all the ways I can use them, I need to order more!
So here’s my plan…fill up these too cute cups with snacks my kids and I both will love!  They’ll be able to serve themselves, the snacks will be protected from smooshing,  they’ll be easy to grab and take on the go AND I can wash and reuse the cups! WooHoo!!!
So thinking about what I can put in them…I need your help!  Please leave any ideas in the comments and I’ll add them to my list.  I do try my best to feed my kiddos as little processed food as I can but somethings I let slide…have to choose my battles! 🙂
I also plan to have a stash of snack cups in the refrigerator as well, so they’ll have their own spot that can be reached by little hands.
So here goes for the fridge:
  • carrots
  • yogurt (from a large, less expensive tub, divided into snack cups…also great for breakfast!)
  • jello, made from a box mix or homemade
  • grapes
  • cut up watermelon, cantaloupe
  • applesauce
Here’s the start of the list for my snack jar:
  • cheez-its
  • animal crackers
  • trail mix
  • homemade peanut butter crackers, ritz crackers & peanut butter…three crackers per cup
  • nilla wafers and peanut butter “sandwiches”…three per cup
  • gingersnaps…love these classic cookies, not too sweet, inexpensive…just right!
  • multigrain cheerios
  • dried fruit
OK, now I need your help!  Let me know your ideas!
Until next time,

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