Pre-op Day

Well, we’re here in our temporary home. Neely will stay in about four different places before we head home…this is our first stop. We are just in a regular room in an area with other pediatric patients in Spain Wallace.

We have officially been admitted, they’ve checked her vitals, hooked her up to the continuous heart monitor and checked her oxygen saturation….all good.

We are waiting on them to come and take us to radiology for her chest X-ray and then later on they will come to the room for her EKG.

She nursed after we got to our room and took a short nap and is now busy sucking her little thumb! Ha! Thinking its time for her to eat again!

We got to meet one of our nurse practitioners a little while ago. Nicole was very nice and helpful.

We will meet our surgeon at some point today when he is available and get to talk and ask questions.

We also get to look forward to her lab work today…fun, fun. Her nurse wanted to wait until everything was ordered so she only has to stick her once. I like Nurse Lauren already.

They will come in at 2:00am and start her IV. So much for attempting to sleep through the night. The last time she can eat is about 1:30am so I guess we’ll be up anyway,

Bryan, has gone to get us some lunch….thanks Stacey Rorrer for the surprise snacks that have kept my hunger at bay until Bryan could get away!

Our plan is to update the blog as we have information tomorrow. They should start around 7:30am. It will take as long as a couple of hours to get all of her lines put in and then surgery lasts 3 to 4 hours.

We thank you so much for your continued prayers, we can feel them. Talked with another heart baby mom yesterday and she said the first 24 hours after surgery were the hardest/most emotional for her and her husband. Would covet your prayers for that time for us as well. A time when we will see her at her worst….but also a time where we can praise God the most for healing our little girl.

Until next time,

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