Pre Op…..Part Two

Labs drawn, X-rays done, IV started but no fluid will be hooked up to it until 2:00 am.

Bad thing about the IV is that it’s on her right hand. Makes it very hard for Neely to get to her thumb! Ugghhhh….wish I had asked for IV in her left hand but it never crossed my mind…..

The surgeon just left…..loved him, super confident that this surgery would go great. He said her case is not the easiest he’s done or the hardest. She’s somewhere in the middle.

There is about a 20% chance that she would require an additional surgery down the road. As it stands right now, he thinks one surgery will do the trick.

Most of the fears and concerns that I had, he placed at only a 3 to 5% chance of even happening. Praise the Lord!!

They will come and get us about 6:00am and take us to a pre-surgery holding area. They will take her into the operating room at 7:30am, spend about an hour getting everything hooked up and surgery will officially begin at 8:30am.

He said the fact that she is doing so well pre-surgery is very atypical! GO NEELY!!!

He said usually the biggest issue that his patients have post-op is feeding. So we’ll be praying for little Miss to EAT EAT EAT!!! Seems like we pray for that a lot! I don’t think anyone will ever pray that over me! Ha!!

Thanks again for your continued prayers!

Until next time,

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